7 Money Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs ...


This year, be sure you know about the biggest money mistakes to avoid so you don’t find yourself in a sticky situation. Money is a tricky issue for many of us. We know we need more of it, but can’t seem to spend it fast enough. Sound familiar? Our world confuses us on this matter even further. We’re shown just about every kind of materialistic item that we should desire, and yet, pay is lower now than ever before. We’re told to buy this and that, and most coupons out there aren’t for things that are highly advertised. If you don’t have a smartphone in today’s world, you’re often in the minority. I’m not saying that having things is bad, or that I want to live without a smartphone. I’m simply saying our world has gotten us a little off course with beliefs on money. Therefore, in the midst of the madness, be sure no matter what, you know the top money mistakes to avoid so you don’t let the world’s money madness end up breaking your bank account.

1. Overspending

It’s so easy to pick up a few extras when you’re shopping, but this is one of the most important money mistakes to avoid. It doesn’t take much to go over budget, and telling yourself you’ll catch up later rarely happens. Make a list and a budget, and stick to both. When you get home, you might wish you had those few extra items, but your well-kept budget will make you feel much more secure when the bills are paid.

Eating out Too Often
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