7 Must-Have Budgeting Apps ...


7 Must-Have Budgeting Apps ...
7 Must-Have Budgeting Apps ...

I love my iPhone, and I love my apps, all sorts of apps. The games, the music, the budgeting. That's right! I said it! I love my Budgeting Apps! They’re helpful, revealing, and most of the ones I like best are even free, which is, after all, great for a girl on a budget! If you agree, keep reading! Here are 7 must-have budgeting apps...

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Mint.com Personal Finance

Mint.com Personal Finance FREE at itunes.apple.com

Featured in top app lists in PC Magazine, Kiplinger's, and TIME, this app is used by more than 6 million happy budgeters. What's all the hype about? It's asy to use and all-inclusive, and best of all, it's free.



Spendings FREE at itunes.apple.com

Wondering where all your money goes? This handy little budgeting app spells it out for you, and will may not like knowing exactly how much of your hard-earned cash you blow at Stabuck's, it's informative and helpful.



SmartBudget FREE at itunes.apple.com

I love this free trial app because it's a great way to see how the full, paid budgeting app will work. It's a must-have for category freaks (like me), and you can even make your own spending categories.



HomeBudget Price: $4.99 at itunes.apple.com
I know, I know, why would you spend $5 on a budgeting app, when there are so many excellent ones for free? Because this one is fantastic, with so many cool features, like automatic currency exchange, receipt upload and recognition, and so much more! Not sure you want to invest? Try the “lite” free version before you buy.



SpendFree FREE at itunes.apple.com

This is a true budgeting app, helping you make, and stick to, a daily, weekly, monthly, and/or annual budget. I love the tips... and the fact that you don't need a WiFi connection to use it.


Suze Orman's Money Tools

Suze Orman's Money Tools FREE at itunes.apple.com

I la-la-LOVE this budgeting app! The tools are amazingly simple to use, and so helpful! She even has a whole section just for women... and I especially like the “Buy now vs. save now” tool... think of it as a true “can I afford it?” decision-making tool.


Ace Budget 2

Ace Budget 2 Price: $0.99 at itunes.apple.com
I like this budgeting app because all of the information is presented in a very visual, graphic way. Who doesn't like graphs and charts?

See? Aren't all of these budgeting apps cool? And helpful? I sure think so! Which of these budgeting apps do you think you'll like best? Or do you have another budgeting app you use, and would like to let me know about? Please share!

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Another great free budgeting web app is Out Of The Dark (OOTD) Budgeting.

I just downloaded HomeBudget. It's SO worth the $4.99. Its awesome because you can create groups, so my husband and I can each add to it from each of our iPhones and iPads, and they sync together! That way we both stay on budget :)

Thanks but next time maybe you can choose Android apps.

Spendings is now .99 on the iTunes Store.

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