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7 Obvious Signs That You're Dating a Cheapskate ...

By Valencia

There are many signs you're dating a cheapskate. There's nothing wrong with being frugal and saving money. In today's economy, saving money is an excellent way to grow a nest egg and live within your means. But sometimes, frugality goes too far. And if you're dating, you might want to avoid extreme frugality. Here are seven signs you're dating a cheapskate.

1 You're Paying for Everything

If you're always paying on dates, this is one of many signs you're dating a cheapskate. There's nothing wrong with treating your guy or gal to a good time. But if you're asked out and the person conveniently forgets his wallet at home -- and if this happens more than once -- he might be trying to keep his money while spending yours.

2 You're Going Dutch -- All the Time

Your boyfriend is no doubt a hard worker, and sometimes, he may not have funds to cover both of your date night expenses. This is understandable. But if he always suggests going Dutch -- and you know for a fact that he has money -- chances are you're dating a cheapskate. You need to decide whether you can live with his ways

3 He Uses a Coupon on the First Date

I love coupons and never dine out without one. However, if your date pulls out a Groupon on the first date, this might be signs of a cheapskate. Personally, I wouldn't mind if my date used a coupon -- I love a saver. But many financial experts discourage this behavior and feel coupons shouldn't be used until maybe the third or fourth date.

4 He Won't Pay for Parking

Parking is expensive in the city, but sometimes paying for a good space makes sense -- especially if free parking is far away or if you're running late for a movie or dinner reservations. If your date is against paying for parking and has you walking blocks in stiletto heels, he might be a cheapskate who will never pay to park his car.

5 He Doesn't Tip

If you dine out and your date never tips the waitstaff, or tips very poorly despite excellent service, he might be a cheapskate. Then again, he may not understand tipping etiquette. You can casually suggest leaving a 15%, 18% or 20% tip and observe his reaction. If he has the money but insists on tipping poorly, he's not being frugal – he's being cheap.

6 Reuses Everything

Reusing certain items is an excellent way to save money and avoid being wasteful. But certain things shouldn't be reused, such as floss. If your partner washes and reuses styrofoam plates or cups, he may be super cheap in other areas as well.

7 Buys Used Gifts for You

So, it's your anniversary or another special occasion and your guy buys a gift. However, you realize that the gift is secondhand or used. This isn't always a bad thing, especially if you wanted an antique or vintage item. But if you notice a pattern, or if he never pays a lot for any of your gifts, there's a chance that he's overly cheap.

Realizing that you're dating a cheapskate isn't necessarily a deal breaker. However, you need to decide whether you can live with this behavior or not. What are other signs that you're dating a cheapskate?

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