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Let's face it, it's really tough to make a career choice. Not all of us have childhood dreams and passions that stick. If you're wondering what the best jobs for women are, here's guest contributor Kristina Jackson with some guidance.

Today, women can work in any field they want. From technology to agriculture -- and everything in between -- there are some great jobs for women all over the board. There are some fields that are trying to get more women interested, however, and these fields generally pay well. When you’re looking for the perfect job right out of college or during a career change, consider the following options.

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Chief Executives

More women are going into high-level management positions all over the world. Consider Mary Barra, the new chief executive for General Motors. She has worked in the industry her entire life, and in December 2013 she earned the company’s most powerful position. There are many examples of this throughout business. If you’re climbing the corporate ladder, there’s no need to stop short. More companies are looking to get women into higher positions of power, and as a chief executive you’ll be making a lot of important decisions.


Reputation Manager

Are you interested in public relations and love the idea of being in the spotlight? Look into positions as a reputation manager. There are many things you’ll need to understand to do this job well, from social media management to presenting yourself and your clients to news networks. This is the up and rising star position of the public relations world, and it’s a great option for anyone who has an interest in keeping up with the public life of those under scrutiny. From ensuring that a company’s reputation is squeaky clean to fixing celebrity faux pas, there are many hats that a reputation manager wears.


Video Game Designer

Do you spend all day (when you’re not job hunting, of course) playing video games and designing new ones in your head? You may want to look into becoming a game designer. There are many jobs in the video game industry that are perfect for women looking to be a part of the gaming industry. A designer needs to have a good working knowledge of how games work and an awesome portfolio. The best candidates for video game design have knowledge of the tech industry and some working knowledge of at least one programming language, in addition to their design abilities.


Information Security Analyst

So, you’ve got the technical know-how but aren’t that great at design? Check out a job as an Information Security Analyst. This job is a great, high-paying option for anyone interested in a tech job and information security. You’ll be the one to take a look at the security systems of companies, ensuring that they're secure and have protections against hackers. If you’re already good at working with internal computer systems, this is a great option. You can either work with one company or freelance for several in this field.



Women lawyers are some of the highest paying professions and they’re making a huge impression. With a median yearly earnings of $85,000 this field of work is definitely something many young women could accomplish. A lot of women in this field are fierce individuals that have a strict work ethic and strong opinions. The one thing to keep in consideration is that this profession, while very demanding and rewarding, does come with its sacrifices. A majority of women potentially have to take a step back from their family life. At the same time, let this motivate you to be the best at your profession with the support of your family.



More women are going into the medical field, and one of the up and coming jobs for women is that of a pharmacist. This position can earn you more than $100,000 a year, depending on where you’re located and the education you have had. All pharmacists have to have a PharmD degree that usually takes about four years to earn. However, this is a job that can benefit from a variety of medical backgrounds and training. When considering a job as a pharmacist, it’s important to remember that many sectors need pharmacists.


Software Developers

The tech industry is looking for more highly qualified women to take open positions. Software developers need a solid knowledge base of different programming languages. The language or languages needed depend on the software being developed. Women are in high demand as software engineers and developers, and these jobs are available in many different settings. From small companies looking to create new software to large corporations that need a new eye on old tech, these jobs are available all over.

There are many great options for women looking for new jobs. What you choose to look into depends on your interests and education.

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