7 of the Best Times to Go Clothing Shopping Throughout the Year ...


7 of the Best Times to Go Clothing Shopping Throughout the Year ...
7 of the Best Times to Go Clothing Shopping Throughout the Year ...

Have you wondered when the best times to go clothing shopping are? If you’re like me then you definitely have. I love clothes and fashion, but it’s a costly addiction. However, there is a way to have your cake and eat it too! You just need to know when are the times during the year which retailers offer great deals and discounts! Here’s a list of the best times to go clothing shopping so you don’t have to break the bank!

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End of the Season

End of the season is always one of the best times to go clothing shopping. When there is a drastic season change like the transition period between summer to fall, clothes from last season become heavily discounted because they are now irrelevant. With that being said, you won’t find many incredible sales at the end of spring because spring clothes are just as useful in summer or many sales at the end of fall because fall wear is still sought after during the winter season. The best time to go shopping is at the end of winter (late January, early February) and at the end of summer (late August, early September) to find great deals.


At the beginning of the year, stores usually offer discounts on winter clothes to make room for the new season's collection. This is a great time to find winter coats, sweaters, and other warm clothing items for a fraction of the price. During summer, stores also offer discounts on swimwear and other summer-related items as the season comes to an end. Similarly, during fall and spring, you can find great deals on clothes from the previous season. Additionally, many stores offer sales during the holidays, including Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas. Shopping during these times can help you save money and find unique items for yourself and your loved ones.


Boxing Day

As a Canadian, I was surprised when I recently found out that Americans don’t really partake in Boxing Day. In that case, let me educate my neighbours to the south and the rest of you who don’t know what Boxing Day is. Similar to America’s Black Friday, Boxing Day (always the day after Christmas) is when retailers have extended business hours and offer customers discounts anywhere from 50%-80% off merchandise and products. So, if you’re ever visiting Canada during the holiday season make sure to stick around on December 26 for some intense shopping.


Black Friday

The same concept as Boxing Day, Black Friday (which is a really intense name and would make a great movie title by the way), the day after US Thanksgiving, is when retailers offer insane amounts of discounts and incentives to shoppers. So, to all of you who are visiting the States during the Thanksgiving weekend, make sure you take advantage of the great deals.


White Sale (January)

I’m actually surprised of how very few people have heard of a White Sale! White Sales, usually in January, is when retailers attempt to encourage customers to go shopping. Since traffic in stores usually drastically dies down after the holidays, retailers try to offer discounts to rev up their sales. The sales are usually not as good as holiday sales but they are the best you’ll see for the next few months.


After Major Holidays

Many holidays require formal wear so retailers usually stock up with dresses and refined clothing. However, once the holidays are done and gone, people aren’t in the market looking for as many over the top clothes so retailers start getting rid of their holiday inventory. With that being said, if you’re looking for dresses or fancier clothing at cheaper prices, go shopping for formal wear after major holidays like Christmas or New Years Eves.


Post-holiday markdowns aren't limited to seasonal decorations and sweets. Dress shops and department stores slash prices to make room for the next season's attire. This is the ideal time to nab that stunning cocktail dress or sophisticated suit at a fraction of the cost. Keep an eye out for deep discounts starting as early as the day after a big holiday, as retailers are eager to clear their floorspace. Don't forget to check for sales on accessories as well; it’s the perfect opportunity to complete your outfit without breaking the bank.


Back to School (September)

Not only is it back-to-school but many people are returning from vacation or are updating their wardrobe for the upcoming fall. Retailers know that it’s not only kids who need a new wardrobe, so many stores that sell only adult clothes also offer sales and discounts. Back to school sales usually start early August to early September. The sales are okay for the most part and are usually the only time you can get upcoming fall fashions for a reasonable price.


Back to School sales are a great time to stock up on clothing for the upcoming season. Many stores offer discounts and sales on both kids and adult clothing, making it a great time to update your wardrobe. The sales usually start in early August and can last until early September. Shoppers can find great deals on the latest fashion trends for a reasonable price. Additionally, many stores offer additional savings such as buy one get one free offers and discounts on specific items. With the right timing and knowledge of the best deals, shoppers can save big on their back to school shopping.


Spring Break

A lot of people go on vacation for spring break and when people go on vacation they like to buy some new clothes. However, retailers know that customers don’t want to spend a fortune on clothes when they’ve already spent money booking a flight and hotel. Therefore, retailers usually have pretty reasonable sales on things such as tees, shorts, skirts, dresses and beach wear since those are the things customers are looking to wear on their getaway.

We are all in need of retail therapy... I usually need it 3-4 times a week. Unfortunately my bank account doesn’t agree with me. So, to satisfy both the needs of my closet and my bank account I usually wait for killer sales so I can get more bang for my buck. What are other times of the year when it’s good to go shopping without spending too much?

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