7 of the Best Ways to Achieve an 800+ Credit Score ...


Do you want to achieve an 800+ credit score? Building a superb credit score is easier than you might think. With a better credit score, it's easier to qualify for mortgage loans and auto loans, and you'll also qualify for the best interest rates. Whether your credit score is nonexistent, bad or fair, here are seven of the best ways to achieve an 800+ credit score.

1. Underuse Your Credit Cards

If you want to achieve an 800+ credit score, you have to use credit. But this doesn't suggest going overboard. Ideally, you should underuse your credit cards. Keeping balances below 30% of your credit line is a good place to start. However, if you carry a balance for month-to-month, you can generate a higher credit score by keeping balances no more than 10% of your credit line.

Pay off Cards Every Month
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