Our WriteEarn Program is Awesome and Heres How You Can Be a Part of It

By Laura

Our WriteEarn Program is Awesome  and Heres How You Can Be a Part of It

Want to write AND make money?! Then the "Write&Earn" Program is for you!

The “Write&Earn” Program at AWS is an amazing new project that allows our readers become writers and share their advice and wisdom with women all over the world, while getting their advertisement share.

We want to encourage your creativity and self-expression - and help you monetize 💰 your writing skills along the way.

Here’s how “Write&Earn” works:

• You write an article (any topic you are passionate about that would interest women)
• Submit via our handy google form right here 👉: goo.gl
• We edit and publish your article within 48 hrs
• We send you the link to your article with the publication time and date
• Your article goes live and your 30 day pay period begins.

You are making $3 per every 1000 readers the entire month after publication - so, please do not forget to share the post on your social media - the more people see it, the more 💰 you’ll make 👌!

• Payments are finalized at the end of the 30 day period
• You get paid via PayPal 👏

The more articles you write and the more people read your articles, the more money you'll make that month! Very simple!

Please email us at write.earn@allwomenstalk.com if you have any questions (about the process, topics or writing itself).

Here are some useful hacks for writing articles that’ll get the most traffic: 4 Awesome 👏🏼 Article Formats 📝 to Get the Most Readers 🤓 ... @Laura

PS: please, do avoid topics related to religion, politics, controversial social issues, and personal journal entries.

Many users say that AllWomenStalk is a positive, happy place, let's keep it this way, shall we 😉?

Thank you,
With love 💕 and raspberry macarons,
AWS Editorial team

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