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7 Part Time Jobs for Stay at Home Moms ...

By Cris

When my best friend brought up the idea of looking for part time jobs for stay at home Moms like me, I wasn’t convinced of the existence of legitimate opportunities for busy mothers. But two weeks after quitting my full-time job as a reporter to focus on starting a family and being the mother to our fraternal twins, I became very restless and was looking for ways to work again and earn money on my own. I've listed part time jobs for stay at home Moms that I and fellow SAHMs have been into. Hope this list helps you!

1 Online Writing

I take this as one of the top part time jobs for stay at home Moms. But this can be tricky too because it may involve daily submission of three 500-word articles, which might leave you stressed out and distracted from your personal responsibilities at home. In my case, I always make sure that the projects I work on involve subjects/topics that I can easily write about. Do not commit to a writing job that doesn’t make you feel good right from the start.

2 English Tutor

This one can also be done online. There are many Koreans, Japanese and Chinese citizens, who are looking for ways to learn English. In the Philippines, where I come from, there are many ESL (English as a Second Language) centers that mostly caters to Koreans. I know of some Mommy friends, who work as part time tutors. In China, where I now live, there are several English language centers as well where young Chinese are sent to converse in English. I am trying out one next week. Should be fun!

3 Online Shop

Pre-loved/second hand items? Ready-to-wear dresses? Accessories? Or anything in between? Why not open an online shop? Your home can be your little warehouse and your store can be any social media site that will provide you with the most visibility to potential clients.

4 Pastry Business

I was doing business features as a journalist and one of the stories I bumped into was of a woman who started her pastry business when she became a full-time mother. Her love for baking opened a business opportunity for her. Her children became her taste testers.

5 Home Tutor for Children

I live in a high-rise building surrounded by guards and gardens. Most of my neighbors work full-time in companies and high-level government offices. They are busy people, so to speak. I tutor two to three of their children thrice a week. Subjects are mostly English, Science and Math. I get paid by the hour in the comforts of my home.

6 Web Designer

Mommy Jane was a web designer before she got married and became Mommy to two boys. Today, she is based in Singapore, where she is raising her family while accepting web design projects. This one though is for those with computer/technical skills so if you have them, go put your skills out in the market!

7 Write a Blog (and Monetize It Later)

I started my blog last year as a way of spreading the love of reading, writing and storytelling. I didn’t know about monetizing it (it's when people/companies can place ads on your website and you earn from those ads). A friend told me to make sure that the content is good so I can get good advertisers. He told me I can also apply for Google Adsense. I did and it’s now up for review. I know a couple of friends who blogs about their interests and are earning from it as well. Truly something that stay at home Moms can look into.

But don’t get frustrated if none of these jobs fit you. At the end of the day, your main job is in your home. You are the best source of love and strength, and without you, everything will be in chaos. Breathe as you look for that part time job that best fits you. What’s your ideal part time job?

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