7 Places to Buy College Textbooks Where You Can save Money ...


With school starting just around the corner, you need to start thinking about places to buy college textbooks that will save you some money! College is very expensive so saving money where you can, helps your pocketbook later for when you really want to have some fun! So here is a list of places to buy college textbooks while saving money!

1. Your University

I know this may seem like a step back from being one of the places to buy college textbooks that could actually save you money but you might be surprised. I know I have taken several classes that just required one small textbook for the whole semester. It wouldn’t be anything special, just an old tiny textbook. The university bookstore would have a used book for around $7.00 and new around $15.00. I knew I might be able to find one on eBay for $4.00 but when you add up shipping, it is not even worth your time. Not all your textbooks will be like this but make sure you shop around first before buying anything!

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