7 Places to Find Budget Maternity Clothes ...


7 Places to Find Budget Maternity Clothes ...
7 Places to Find Budget Maternity Clothes ...

One of the first things I did after finding out I was pregnant was start to wonder how to budget maternity clothes in! Maternity clothes are no small expense, and it can be hard to go without them. While it is possible to avoid buying maternity clothes, there are ways to buy maternity clothes and stay under budget. Here are my top 7 places to find budget maternity clothes if you are growing your own precious bump!

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The best source I have yet found for budget maternity clothes has been eBay! I’ve found some things for as low as ninety-nine cents on eBay! Always carefully look through photos, and check measurements and any flaws mentioned before placing a bid. You don’t want to get stuck with a garment that has flaws you weren’t aware of due to not paying attention!


Yard Sales

Some of the best deals I’ve found have been at yard sales! I’ve found things for as low as twenty-five cents before! I love moving sales, because that’s when people are most motivated to get rid of their things and you can find some great prices. Start early when you go to yard sales, remember that the early bird gets the worm!


Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are always a great place to find budget maternity clothes! Try the more upscale boutiques for a nicer experience, but you can find rock-bottom prices at smaller thrift stores like Goodwill and Salvation Army. Always wash your purchases before wearing them. And you can always donate at the end of your pregnancy and help out another lady who may be looking for cute maternity clothes on a budget!


Sale Racks

If you are longing to shop in name-brand stores, but just don’t have the extra money, there’s a way around this one! You have to walk past the section of the store that has new stock out on the floor, and head to the back for the sale racks! I’ve found some unbelievably good buys simply by looking through the sales racks in my favorite stores. Go when the seasons are changing; you will find the lowest markdowns at these times.


Your BFF’s Closet

You’ve borrowed her shoes, her purses, and her makeup, now it’s time to borrow her maternity clothes! Talk with your close friends and co-workers and find out if any of them would be willing to sell or even loan their maternity items out to you. You can get a large variety of nice things, especially if you have more than one friend who has already been pregnant. Just be sure that if you are borrowing, you remember to return her items in 9 months.


Your OWN Closet

Sounds a little crazy, but bear with me. Look through your own closet for items that can be worn throughout pregnancy. Look for stretchy fabrics, loose shirts, dresses and skirts without a fitted waistline, stretchy tank tops, and other items like yoga pants or larger tees. These items can be worn throughout your pregnancy at no cost to you. Who knew you already had a mini-maternity wardrobe just sitting in your closet?


Outlet Stores

I love shopping outlet stores because you can find name brand clothing for a fraction of the price they sell for in the mall! Sometimes it’s because the clothing has a defect, or sometimes it’s just due to overstocking or having extras left at the end of the season. Whatever the reason, it’s still a bonus for you!

Something to remember when shopping for maternity clothes is that not every deal you find will be something you NEED. Don’t buy something just because it’s on sale. And if you find something that you love, and really need for full price, say, a good pair of jeans, don’t feel bad about splurging on them. Pregnant mommas need their fashion and comfort too. What are your best tips for buying budget maternity clothes?

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For tops i would buy a size bigger than I normally am. for me!

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