7 Popular Expensive Phone Cases That You've Got to See to Believe ...

Investing in a good, protective phone case is important if you just spent $400 on a new phone, but are expensive phone cases the way to go? I vote no if they are for looks more than protection. Some phone cases cost more than the phone youโ€™ve bought and might not be worth the investment. Once you see these expensive phone cases you wonโ€™t think the Life Proof and Otter box, or even designer brands cases, are the most expensive anymore.

1. Louis Vuitton IPhone Cases

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Louis Vuitton has created four different pouches for the iPhone: the Monogram Canvas, which has the iconic Louis Vuitton logo, the Taiga Leather, Epi Leather, and the Alligator skin. All are really cute, but donโ€™t seem to provide much protection for your phone, because itโ€™s only a phone sleeve (I'm including it among the most expensive phone cases anyway). These cases, which range from $295 to $1120, will keep your phone stylish while in it, but wonโ€™t keep it safe from shattering.

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