7 Items to Buy in the Post-Christmas Sales ...


7 Items to Buy in the Post-Christmas Sales ...
7 Items to Buy in the Post-Christmas Sales ...

It’s always good to take advantage of post-Christmas sales. After the holidays the prices drop as low as they’re going to on many different items. That’s the time to buy them. If you have to buy, you might as well get the best deal. These are 7 things to buy in the post-Christmas sales.

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Wrapping Paper and Trimmings

Some of the best post-Christmas bargains to hit on are wrapping paper and trimmings. I always try to buy my wrapping paper, tags and bows at this time of year. You can easily get them at 75% off. Stores want to move them out and move spring and summer merchandise in. Be on the lookout for big price drops on these as soon as the day after Christmas.


Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations also drop in price after the holidays. They may not drop quite as quickly as wrapping paper and wrapping accessories but they’ll drop. This’s a great time to buy if you want to do a new decorating theme for your tree or if you’re buying Christmas decorations for the first time. It’s also good to buy some ornaments to give as gifts next Christmas. They make great teacher gifts.


Winter Clothing

You’ll begin to see the prices drop on winter clothing after Christmas. It may take a few weeks but it’ll happen. Stores move spring and summer clothing in quite quickly after the holidays pass. This is a great time to buy the fuzzy sweaters you need to keep you warm in January and February. Don’t forget to check out sales on winter pajamas, too.


Winter Purses

The prices of winter purses can drop after Christmas. If you’re like me and always in the mood for a new purse then you should keep your eyes open for purse sales. While not all of them may go on sale, you can generally find a lot of winter colors such as cranberry, navy and chocolate brown on sale. If you don’t need a purse now, you could always put one back for next year. You’ll get it at half the price you would pay if you waited.


Video Games

It’s not unusual to see the prices of video games slashed after Christmas. There’s a lot of hype to get them sold before Christmas when everyone is buying them as gifts. After that, no one really buys a lot of video games because they’ve received them as gifts. Cutting the price helps them sell. It’s also a way to push out any extras they had on hand because of the holidays.


Gift Sets

Gift sets are usually reduced quite a bit in price after Christmas. It’s a good time to pick some up for birthdays coming up soon or just for you. Lots of great hair and makeup products can be bought in gift sets. There are gift sets from so many different brands and in so many categories. It’s good to check and see if any of your favorite products are sold in a gift set.



Surprisingly, bedding drops in price after the holidays. It turns out that January is when many white sales are held. White sales are when the prices of household linens are dropped. If you’re in the need of sheets or other household linens, this’s the time to stock up. If you’ve been thinking of redecorating a bedroom, it’s a great time to dive into that project.

These a’re 7 great post-Christmas bargains not to miss. What sales do you always hit after Christmas? I’d love to hear from you.

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