7 Pricey Foods to Quit Buying ...

Getting your grocery budget under wraps can be as simple as knowing what expensive foods to stop buying. It truly isn’t too difficult once you know which foods to avoid throwing in your cart and which ones to add instead. I’m a grocery shopping nut and absolutely love buying myself and my family healthy foods, as I’m sure you do. I don’t eat out too much, so I used to rationalize spending half my paycheck on my groceries. When the economy took a hit, I wasn’t able to do that anymore. To keep things simple and painless, I just learned what expensive foods to stop buying and started buying more frugal, yet still healthy, choices instead. Read on to learn what foods to leave on the shelf and which ones you can keep in your cart!

1. Fresh Berries

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I love fresh berries just like the next girl, but I bet you didn’t know fresh berries are one of the top most expensive foods to stop buying ASAP. Instead, opt for frozen organic berries, which are usually half the cost and you don’t have to worry about them going bad on you. Best of all, you can eat them anytime you like instead of having to eat them right away before they spoil, which is in a matter of days. Even buying them fresh and freezing yourself isn’t as cheap as buying them pre-frozen. Berries are often frozen at their peak right after harvest, so frozen berries can actually be fresher and higher in nutrition than fresh ones at the market. Save the $6 you would spend on a half a pint of fresh, organic berries and buy two large 12 ounce bags of frozen berries instead!

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