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Even though everyone expects a good salesperson to fit the stereotype and be a fast-talking extrovert, I must tell you that introverts can be some of the best sales people out there, so here are a few proven sales tips for introverts that you should try. A lot of qualified individuals shy away from a career in sales because they think that they will not be successful since they are not perceived as a “people person”. You should know that everyone can be introverts or extroverts depending on the situation; for example, some people can be viewed as extroverts at a party they host, but when they are at a party where they don’t know anyone, they appear to be introverts. Also, the key to being successful at sales is understanding your customer’s needs and doing all you can to help them fulfill those needs. Here are a few proven sales tips for introverts you can try:

1. Get Passionate

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If you are an introvert and you want to become successful in a sales career, you should be really passionate about what you are doing since this will motivate you to step out of your comfort zone and do everything in your power to reach all your goals and fulfill all your dreams. This is definitely one of the most important sales tips for introverts that you should consider if you want to become extravert in a sales situation.

2. Do One Thing a Day That You Fear

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This tip is good for anyone, not only for introverts. If you want to be successful then you need to be courageous and make a point of facing your fears. Step out of your comfort zone and do one thing a day that you fear because this will instill courage in you and it will change your focus from limitations to possibilities.

3. Study the Products

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It is well-known that introverts are thorough people who consider all the facts before making an assumption. If you are an introvert and you want to excel at sales, then you need to study the products that you sell really well, so you know all their strengths and weaknesses and this way, you will be more convincing and more prepared when you’ll meet your customer.

4. Be Persistent

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Even if this quality does not describe you, if you want to be a successful sales person then you need to be so persistent that you get criticized for it. Just keep following your customers until they admire you for your persistence. Also, if you are dedicated to your job and you believe in the product that you are selling, then you will be willing to insist.

5. Say Hello to Everyone

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Even if this may seem common sense, try to always say hello to everyone you pass. Don’t walk past any person without acknowledging them! Try to make eye contact, smile and say hello in a respectful and friendly manner. This will help you feel more extravert and more comfortable when you have to deal with people you don’t know.

6. Force Yourself to Be in Public

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In order to do this, you’ll need to step out of your comfort zone. Just go outside; basically step out of your home and office more often to socialize more with other people. This way, you won’t feel so nervous or uncomfortable when you’ll have to deal with all kinds of customers while you’re at work.

7. Undertake Public Speaking Engagements

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One of the best ways to feel comfortable while speaking to other people is to get in front of audiences in public speaking engagements. You could join a supportive group (Toastmasters International for example) since they will help you improve your public speaking skills.

In order to become successful at sales you also need to improve your listening skills, you need to build relationships and you need to learn to appreciate more your own natural strengths. Do you know any other efficient sales tips for introverts? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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