7 Questions to Ask Yourself before You Quit Your Job ...


7 Questions to Ask Yourself before You Quit Your Job ...
7 Questions to Ask Yourself before You Quit Your Job ...

If you think that you’ve really had it with your job, that you cannot stand it for one more minute and that you cannot stay there for a few more weeks until you’ll find something better, you should know that there are still a few questions to ask yourself before you quit your job. First, make sure that you’re not acting on impulse and also that you’ve analyzed all the pros and cons of your decision. It takes courage to quit, so that’s why you should be sure that this is really what you want. If you’re still not sure that this is the best decision you could take right now, here are a few questions to ask yourself before you quit your job.

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Am I Really Unhappy with My Job?

This is definitely one of the most important questions to ask yourself before you quit your job. Think about all the things that make you unhappy. Is it only your job or are there any other things in your life that make you feel miserable? Sometimes, it’s possible you might not realize why are you feeling so low lately, and it’s so much easier to blame it on your job. If that’s the case, quitting your job won’t work. You must find the real causes of your unhappiness and do something about it!


Can I Afford to Quit?

If money is tight or if you have a lot of debt, maybe quitting your job is not the best option for you right now; unless you’ve found another job which will help you earn more money. If you haven’t, then you should probably think twice before you quit and you should reflect a little longer on the consequences of your decision. In this situation, my advice is to send as many job applications as possible every single day and to look for something else! Eventually, you’ll get another job offer and you’ll be able to leave your current position in that company, without having any remorse.


Is My Work No Longer Challenging?

If you often feel like you’ve been stuck in a dead end job for too much time or that you’ve learned all there is to know about everything in your company, then you might think that your job is not so challenging anymore and that you would like to try doing something else. If you also feel that your job interferes with your personal, and especially, with your professional growth needs, then you should try to talk first with your superiors and see if you can obtain a promotion, so you’ll have more responsibilities and at the same time, you’ll feel challenged again, because you’ll have all those new duties to take care of.


Have I Gained Enough Experience?

I do understand how strong can be your urge to quit sometimes, because you may feel like you can’t do it anymore or that this is not what you signed up for or even that you cannot stand your bosses’ mood swings for one more minute. Before taking a decision that you might later regret, you should think first if you’ve gained enough experience in that company, experience that could help you land a better job in the future. If you haven’t yet, then try to put up with all of that for another three or even six months, so you’ll at least have the experience necessary to find a better job, when you decide to leave your current occupation.


Have I Tried to Rediscover My Passion for My Job?

This is one of the questions very few people ask themselves when they feel miserable at work - a question that could change your entire perspective on things if you think about it at the right time. I’m sure that most people get bored at work every now and then. No matter, how much you love your job; there may be times when you may think that your interest for what you’re doing has gone extinct. Well you should ask yourself what have you done to try to rediscover your passion for your job and then come up with some solutions.


Is My Job the Only Thing in My Life?

Even if you think that you’ve had it with your current job, before you decide you want to resign, you should wonder if your job is lately the only important thing in your life. Have you neglected your friends, your hobbies, or even yourself just to be great at what you do? If you quit now, maybe you’ll wake up all alone with nothing to do. Wait a little bit, try to reconnect with your friends and with your loved ones, rediscover yourself and then search for a better job offer.


Do I Work under Toxic Bosses?

A lot of people usually quit because of different misunderstandings they have with their bosses (I must confess that I was tempted to do this once). If you work under toxic leaders that just can’t stand you for no particular reason but still want to cause you a lot of problems, the best thing you could do is to just ignore them. If they don’t stop and they’re still giving you a hard time, then you should just confront them in an assertive way and then move on! There’s no point in being upset over somebody that clearly doesn’t care about your feelings.

There are a lot of things you should consider before you decide to quit your job. I have mentioned a few but I’m sure there are many more. So, can you give me a hand and tell me what other questions you should ask yourself before quitting your job? Please share your opinion!

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Number 3 is something i've been thinking of a lot, so i've gone to study and found a passion in childcare.. Can't wait for a career change sometime soon!

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