7 Quick Tricks to save Money as a College Student ...

It’s not always easy to save money as a college student. You’re new to the whole adulthood thing, and there are suddenly a million new responsibilities that you’ve never had to worry about. It’s easy to forget about saving money, but when you’re a college student, every penny counts. Whether you’re a freshman or a senior in college, anyone can use a few tips to save money as a college student.

1. Buy Used Books Online

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Personally, this is one of the most important rules to save money as a college student that I have adhered to since my first semester of college. College bookstores are almost always ridiculously overpriced. Just do a quick search on Amazon or Half.Com and you will find the same books for mere fractions of the bookstore price. The books are usually just barely used and always so much cheaper than in your local college bookstore. If you can’t find a discounted version, you can also always look into renting, which will also aid you in finding great deals!

2. Find Student Discounts

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So many stores offer student discounts but don’t really advertise it. For example, Topshop offers a 10% discount to students and J.Crew goes so far as to offer 15% off, just to name a few! Be sure to ask your favorite stores when you’re checking out, you may never know how much money you could save!

3. Go to Class

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You’re paying a ton of money for each class you don’t attend, so why waste the money? If you need to calculate what each class period costs to really have a concrete number behind it, do it. You’re paying for the class, so don’t waste the money just because you want to sleep in.

4. Make Your Own Coffee

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I learned this the hard way during my freshman year of college. It’s easy to get enticed by the magical charms of Starbucks. It seems like it’s just a few dollars, but when it becomes a few dollars everyday it becomes a problem. If you’re buying coffee five days a week, you could spend $75 on coffee alone in an average month, and that’s on the low end. Skip the Starbucks and go for the homemade stuff instead.

5. Track Your Spending

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Start a journal, a note in your phone, or basically anything that you will remember to keep writing in, that tracks what you spend. Write down everything, even the little menial purchases, because it all adds up. Simply seeing how much you’re spending every month may stop you from making a few silly purchases that you can’t necessarily afford somewhere down the line!

6. Sell Your Hobby

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If you have a hobby that you can monetize, do it. Especially with the Internet now, there are so many ways to sell your hobby from a college campus. If you like crafting, set up an Etsy shop. There are so many different options out there to sell your hobby now, that you can make money without it feeling like you’re working!

7. Find a Roommate

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Roommates are wonderful when you’re trying to save money. Your rent is instantly split in half! If you can find a roommate that you get along with, you’re in even more luck! Who wouldn’t want a live-in best friend with lower rent? It’s a simple solution to help you save money without feeling like you’re saving money!

What are your tips for saving money as a college student? I could always use a few more!

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