2. Sometimes It Pays to Be Generic

I’m a big fan of generic grocery store brands. I often times find that the generic brand at stores is just as good as the popular brands, and they're significantly cheaper. I also always compare cost to product size/amount ratios. Sometimes it’s worth it to buy something in a larger size than a smaller size if you’re going to get more bang for your buck. But I don’t do this for everything I buy; only for products that I know I’ll use more of.

For example, I won’t buy a bigger jug of milk because I know I probably won’t use all of before it expires, but I eat peanut butter with everything, so I know it’s worth it to buy the larger jar.

Bonus tip:

And on that note, make a list of things you can afford to go cheap on, and things that you should invest in. With most things I buy, I’ll get the cheapest options possible because I can still get just as good of results, but there are certain items that I know I should invest in, like toilet paper. I know it’s a small thing to think about, but when you buy cheaper toilet paper you not only have to use more of it, which ends up not saving you as much money, but it just hurts to wipe with. Work smarter, not harder.

Credit with Caution!
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