7 Reasons Not to Fret if You're Unemployed by Graduation ...


7 Reasons Not to Fret if You're Unemployed by Graduation ...
7 Reasons Not to Fret if You're Unemployed by Graduation ...

Unemployment is soul destroying yet many graduates have to face its reality. The employment market is fiercely competitive and the chances of walking into a job you love are less than slim. It’s easy to spiral into despair, thinking you’ll never get a job or feel you’ll only ever be offered a position flipping burgers or loading grocery bags. But while you continue your search for a job you can see the positive sides of being an unemployed graduate to boost your morale and your prospects.

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The Truth is That Many Jobs Need Voluntary Experience

There are many jobs where even with your qualifications you still need experience in order to be employed with a permanent position. In some jobs, you simply have to pay your dues, and that is usually done with voluntary experience. You are paid nothing, or very little, and are usually given a title such as “intern” or “time bank” employee. After you gain enough experience, you can put it on your resume and start applying for jobs with a better chance of you being employed.


You Can Actually Damage Your Credibility

Maybe it isn’t because you cannot get a job after graduation; maybe you are waiting for the right job. Think about it from an employer’s point of view: You get your qualifications, you do well, you are top of your class, you work for 5 months as a burger flipper and now you want a job with him/her. Your future employer is going to wonder how good you actually are if your CV has really crummy jobs on it.


You Are Supposed to Try New Things and See What Fits

Who said you were supposed to jump right into a job as soon as you graduated? The world is full of stuff you haven’t tried. Why not try a few things first and see what you like? How can you be sure you are working the job of your dreams when you have not had comparative experience?


It’s Time to Find Loooove

Let’s put it in black and white. Maybe you have been too busy to find love in college or university. If you are a medical, math or physics student, then it is very likely you haven’t had time for a loving partner. Maybe before getting a job and paying back your student-loan (mortgage without a house), you could get a little loving. Maybe you could take a year out and work your way around the world, adding to your experience and credentials.


Can You Apply Your Qualifications to Something else?

You have your qualification and you can work as a vet, designer, doctor, etc, but who says you have to? You could volunteer in Africa as a doctor, you could do gratis designs for a charity, and you could join a free veterinary service for poor people’s pets.


What about Starting a Family

Why do so many women choose to work right away when they are planning on having a family? Usually it goes like this for women:
• Build a career
• Have a family
• Retire.
Sounds good right? But, who says it is perfect. What about changing it up a little to suit you and your life?
• Work part time with the aid of your qualifications
• Start a family and keep working part time
• Kids leave home and you work full time
• Achieve your career goals
• Retire
Doesn’t that seem a little easier than stopping your career half way through to have a family and then trying to pick up the pieces later?


Maybe You Shouldn’t Jump into a Job You Hate

Are you the sort of person that takes what life gives? Most people will not admit they are, which is a shame because most people play the cards they are dealt instead of changing their hand. If you are in the habit of “Making the best of it,” then maybe jumping right into a job you will not like isn’t your best option. Maybe you should wait a little while until you find a job you really like.

I think what ‘m really saying is don’t feel stigmatized by any choices you make about not getting a job right after graduation and don’t feel bad for being unemployed. Stay positive, because if you have a view on your bright future, all you need is the first step of your journey.

Did you graduate this year? How’s employment/unemployment looking for you?

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Graduated two years ago and still nothing 😞

Honestly, i'd prefer to jump in a job I like or have passion with rather than something I know I'm not good at. Even if I cant get the right job, i should probably look into training,internship or volunteer until that right job comes along.

Thank you. This reaffirmed my decision to wait until the right job comes along.

Thank you for this i'm a fresh grad and unemployed, sometimes i get sad because i don't have a job yet, while my friends already have.

@Neecey are you really suggesting smart young women put their careers on hold to fall in love or start a family?! Yes women make it work when they have kids at a young age, but it's hard enough to climb the ladder, but being a single Mother with limited life and work experience will only make it harder!!

Ah, I will still look for a good job...

Thnx alot u boost my confidence ,😘😘

You really have to put yourself out there as much as possible, it's not easy 😕 I've shifted from 2 previous roles this year (I work in child care), initially after I did the diploma it took 6 months to land anything full time

Number two makes no sense at all to me. Employers are begging for people who are qualified and have the "soft skills". ANY job is better than no job if you have an offer, take it...learn all the soft skills you can!

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