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7 Reasons Not to Buy a Car That You Should Consider ...

By Holly

There is no question that having a car has its benefits, but there are also some serious reasons not to buy a car that you should be aware of. While there are some people who just can’t go without a car, such as people in the country or people who rely on one for their job, if you are weighing up whether or not to purchase your own vehicle, maybe these reasons not to buy a car might persuade you.

1 Money Matters

Cars are pricey. Many people think that the cost of fuel is the end of the expenses, but you also need to take into account the cost of insurance, maintenance and registration, all of which adds up to be a very large dent in your wallet. If you didn’t have your own car, you would be saving yourself a significant amount of money that you could use to buy all sorts of other things! Out of all the reasons not to buy a car, this is perhaps the most important.

2 Go Green

At the moment we are being faced with climate change and global warming, and cars do not help. They put a pollutant into the air, Nitrogen Dioxide, which, as well as hurting the ozone layer, can cause a range of health problems such as lung cancer, respiratory diseases and asthma, ouch! Not owning a car is gentle on the environment, because after all, who ever heard of a toxic bike?

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3 Save Time

If you live within the city, having a car can be a big time-waster due to the level of traffic congestion, particularly during peak hours. What would normally be a 10-minute trip to work in the mornings can turn into nearly an hour’s journey, particularly if there has been a crash on the roads and lanes are closed. If travelling by bike, you’ll be whizzing past all of those people sitting waiting in their cars!

4 Reliable Public Transport

For little or even no money, you can have access to a range of different public transport options such as buses, taxis, trams or trains. A lot of the time, too, public transport bypasses all of the problem traffic areas, getting you to where you need to go a lot faster and costing you a lot less money. It’s a win-win!

5 Improve Your Health

If you don’t have a car, you will be more inclined to walk, jog or cycle to where you need to go, which is better for your health! Walking is a great form of exercise, and in a city where there aren’t many hills, it’s also easy. You need at least 30 minutes of exercise a day to stay healthy, so if you walk to work or to the bus stop to pick up your kids, you’ll be exercising without even realising it.

6 Stress Less

Ever heard of road rage? Maybe you’ve been the victim of it, or maybe you’ve been the road rager! There is no doubt that if you’re stuck in a car for any great length of time, particularly if you’re running later, people can get antsy, and that can cause tempers to flair. Stress is not kind on your health, so if you can avoid it by taking the bike or going for a walk, which are natural stress-relievers, then your body will thank you!

7 Avoid Temptation

Craving takeaways? Really want a block of chocolate but you have none in the house? If you own a car, you’re more likely to give in to these temptations and get in the car to head to the nearest drive-thru. If you’re without a car, however, it takes that little bit of extra effort to get where you want to go, so you’d be less inclined to give in! That being said, even if you do, you’re teaming it with exercise which is makes that temptation that little bit less naughty.

While cars might be great for a range of different reasons, these points should not be ignored. It takes a lot of thought to choose a car, and perhaps these might give you a fresh perspective. After all, there are so many alternatives! Have any of you chosen not to own a car? Why or why not?

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