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9 Reasons Shopping Online is Better than in-Store Shopping ...

By Neecey

After your holiday gift buying experiences do you still need some convincing reasons shopping online is better? Maybe you were so stressed out with the whole holiday shopping and the following sales period that you’ve vowed not to let the same thing happen next year? Doing any shopping online is better whatever the season in my opinion. I haven’t been in a supermarket for 4 years since I placed my first order for home delivery and I have probably been to “normal” shops maybe 5 times in 2 years. I used to be the world’s most impulsive shopper and always spent way more than I should have. For me, one of the most convincing reasons shopping online is better is that I stay within my budget but there are other reasons that may sing out to you. Read on and see if you’re convinced.

1 You Don’t Have to Worry about Parking

If you love the high street or the mall, you might find it hard to believe the reasons shopping online is better, however I’ve no doubt that you’ll be onboard with the issue of not having to park. Parking in town centres these days is a nightmare, not even to mention the one way systems and pedestrianised roads. Parking in the centre can cost a bomb too, that’s if you can get a space of course. Shop online and park yourself on the sofa with a cup of tea.

2 Save Money

It is true that you can get some great bargains online, but you also save money in other areas too. You save on transport, parking, and lunch. Saving money on these things means that you can spend a little more in the online shops, and treat yourself!

3 Shop at Anytime of the Day or Night

Online shopping is better than in-store shopping because you have the freedom to shop when you like. Have you ever thought of something that you need in the week, and then when it comes to the weekend you’ve forgotten? Online you can get it there and then and even have it delivered to your door the very next day.

4 You Don’t Have to Carry All the Bags

If you aren’t lucky enough to have a bag carrying man in tow, then you might like this reason shopping online is better. There is nothing worse than falling in love with an outrageously large and heavy item and having to lug it around town, and then on the bus home, or miles across the car lot to the only free parking space you found.

5 Do It in Your PJs Drinking a Glass of Wine

Online shopping after a few too many glasses of wine isn’t always the greatest idea. However, it’s nice to know you can wear your scruffs, have no makeup on, and know that you won’t bump into your boss and his perfectly made up wife or your latest crush on the high street.

6 Try It on in Your Own Time

When you go shopping and need to try on clothes it can get pretty annoying putting your clothes on and taking them off again. It’s much worse in the winter when you have hats, scarves, and jumpers on too. It is just as bad when you can’t get in the changing room and have to get starkers in the store. And oh boy - overcrowded open space dressing rooms ar no fun either. One of the advantages of online shopping is that you can try on in your own time, and really get a feel of the outfit. You can also try stuff on with other items in your wardrobe that you simply can’t carry with you to the store.

7 There is More Choice

If you live in a small town then you may well already appreciate this one of the reasons shopping online is better. If you haven’t got many shops in your area then the chances are you don’t have a great deal of choice either. Online, you have access to any store, in any city, even in any country. Even if you do live in a big city how far do you have to walk to get to all of your favorite shops? Pretty tiring hey? Online all of your shops are in one location, and you can look at their stock and compare it within a couple of open tabs.

8 There Are No Queues

This is enough of a good reason to shop online for me. I don’t know about you but if I see a long queue I put my things back and leave. Waiting in a long queue with the checkout assistants having a chat to each other, or scanning clothes at a snail’s pace makes me very frustrated. Online you don’t have this stress; you are always first in the queue and you don’t get stuck behind the person who wants to refund, then to swap, then to add a few more items, oh and they’d like to pay in change which they’d like to count out on the counter.

9 Stay out of the Crowds

Online shopping is better than in-store shopping because there are no crowds. Millions of people are probably on the website of course, but none of them are elbowing you out of the way to get that dress in the sale. Shop online and stay away from those busy Saturday mornings or sale days.

I do recognize that for many people, shopping has a social aspect and it’s a fun activity to do with your girlfriends and/or mom, but for me the reasons online shopping is better outweighs that. I’d rather spend quality time with my besties in other ways. Over to you! Do you prefer online shopping or going to the store? Or, you can share why you think in-store shopping beats online shopping.

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