7 Reasons to Buy a Laptop ...


7 Reasons to Buy a Laptop ...
7 Reasons to Buy a Laptop ...

When your money is already stretched thin, you are probably looking for reasons to buy a laptop if you really need, or want one but don't have the funds to purchase one. Although they are initially expensive, they usually pay themselves off if used for the right reasons. Understandably a big investment for most people, here are a few reasons to buy a laptop.

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One of the reasons to buy a laptop is because they are portable. Since you can take them almost anywhere they are convenient to have. Plus, having a laptop with you helps you manage your time productively if you have work that needs to be done. For example, taking your laptop with you to work and using it while you’re on your break will help to free up your time later on in the day or week.



Desktops can do most of what a laptop can do, but takes up much more room than a laptop. With a computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, router, and multiple wires a desktop can take up to 4 times more space than a laptop does. Switching to a laptop will give you more room to work comfortably - especially if your computer room or apartment is small.


The sleek design and compact footprint of a laptop also mean a cleaner, more minimalist workspace. With fewer cords to wrangle and no need for large desks dedicated to stationary setups, you’ll find it easier to maintain a tidy and inviting area. This can be especially valuable for those who cherish an uncluttered aesthetic or live in spaces where every inch counts. Transitioning to a laptop can not only modernize your work zone but also provide a refreshing sense of organization and simplicity in your daily life.



Besides the fact that you can take your laptop anywhere outside of your house, you can also take it with you anywhere inside of your house. This serves well when trying to get away from noisy roommates or trying to spend more time with family. Plus, having a laptop right beside you makes for a great step-by-step cooking partner or makeup artist at your convenience!


The versatility of a laptop extends to its use in different lighting conditions or spaces that may not accommodate a traditional desktop. Whether you find serenity in your sunlit garden for a tranquil writing session or want to catch up on emails in the coziness of your bed, a laptop complies with your dynamic lifestyles. It's like having a mobile office that adapts to your needs, enhancing work-life balance and ensuring that your productivity doesn't have to be chained to a specific spot in your home.


Business Meetings

If you’re starting your own business or are part of a larger corporation, having a laptop will help to guide you during meetings and presentations. Especially for smaller business meetings, a laptop serves as a visual aid that does not require to be hooked up to a projector or require several wires and fancy gadgets.


A portable laptop allows you to quickly share reports, data, and trends with your colleagues or clients, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. You can effortlessly edit documents on-the-go, which is essential for fast-paced business environments where time is of the essence. For female entrepreneurs, it also offers an element of control over their presentations, underscoring their professionalism and preparedness. Additionally, for those in creative industries, laptops with good graphics capabilities can be invaluable for showcasing portfolios or design concepts with ease and elegance.



Most laptops have extra features already built in that would normally be an extra expense with desktops. For example, most laptops have built-in webcams. Also keep in mind that the cost of a mouse, keyboard, etc...are all included in the price of laptop whereas with a desktop these same features are additional costs that are mandatory.


Additionally, the convenience of wireless technology is often a built-in advantage with laptops. They typically come with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, allowing you to connect to the internet and peripheral devices without the clutter of wires. Let's not forget the built-in speakers and microphone that make video conferences a breeze without requiring external devices. Versatility is further enhanced with multiple USB ports, HDMI outputs, and SD card slots for extra storage or transferring photos. These integrated features make laptops particularly appealing for those who appreciate a streamlined, all-in-one package.



I don’t mean durable as in it will last you for decades to come but I mean durable as in terms of keeping up with technology. With companies creating “new and innovating” technology on what feels like a bi-weekly basis, your phone and tablets usually become outdated within a year to two. However, you’ll find that your laptop will be just as relevant as it was 3-4 years ago when you initially purchased it.


Laptops generally offer the advantage of upgradability which many tablets and smartphones lack. Should you need more memory or a faster processor, you have the option to modify and enhance your laptop's performance. This ability to adapt prolongs its relevance in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Furthermore, laptops typically handle software updates and technology shifts more gracefully, without an immediate impact on performance, allowing you the comfort of staying current without the pressure to constantly reinvest.


Tablets Vs. Laptops

Many people purchase tablets instead of laptops because they think purchasing a tablet is essentially the same as purchasing a laptop but for much cheaper. Tablets are great for entertainment, but are difficult to use for taking notes or creating word documents. Although tablets are great, make sure you know what needs you need fulfilled by your technology and make an informed decision from there - don’t let the “affordability” of a tablet tempt you in to buying one if your needs are much greater than what a tablet can satisfy.

Laptops are pricy but are the way of the future. Plus, laptops have proven to be more convenient in several ways as opposed to desktops. However, make sure you have the funds available when purchasing either a desktop or laptop. What are other reasons to buy a laptop? Or, do you disagree and think desktops are much more practical?

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