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In the end, it’s just a job, but there are many reasons to do what you love for a living. When it comes to choosing a career, most of us are asked to make up our minds at a very young age, but how are we supposed to know, when we don’t even know how we want to live our lives? Whatever choice you make or have made in the past, know that there are always ways to switch careers, no matter your age or background. If you really want to, you’ll go for it and make it happen. In need of a last push? Take a look at these reasons to do what you love for a living.

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You Will Feel Fulfilled

One of the most important reasons to do what you love for a living is fulfillment, because you won’t be getting any of it if you hate your job. If you have a full time job, you spend an average of 168 hours per month at work, and don’t even start talking about overtime. Spending these hours on something that isn’t for you will make you feel like you’re missing out on something, and watching the time roll by isn’t a way to spend your life. Feeling fulfilled at worked is what keeps people going, so if you’re lacking this feeling, why would you keep on going?


You Have a Passion

If you have a passion, you should use it. Is it fashion and have you always wanted to be a stylist? Or is it your dream to be a dancer, because music is what makes you tick? Go for it! It won’t be easy and you’ll have to put a lot of effort and time in it, but if it’s your passion, you have to believe in it to make it work. Think of how lucky you are to know what your passion is, as many people spend years and years wondering what their dreams are, besides making money. Those who follow their dreams may not make any money in the start, and this makes it difficult for many people, but if you have the luxury to be able to take the risk, there are no reasons not to do it.


You Will Be More Energetic

Pursuing your dream job will give you much more energy. If you dread your work, you've probably noticed how exhausted you are all the time, no matter how much sleep you get at night. This is because your work doesn’t give you the energy you need. You don’t feel fulfilled, it’s not your passion and watching the clock every few minutes makes your days way longer than they should be. If you start doing what you love, you’ll notice you don’t watch the clock at all. In fact, you might forget about time altogether and work more hours than needed. But it doesn’t matter, because you’re doing something that you love and it gives you energy.


It Improves Your Health

Having a tough time doing what you do? Then you probably get sick more frequently. The tension of doing a job that you detest will eventually take its toll, so don’t be surprised if you have high blood pressure and continuous headaches. Hating your job could even lead to a complete burnout, which in turn can lead to severe depression. If you do what you love, you’ll have less stress and you’ll simply laugh more. Let's face it, getting sick is not for the ones who love their job.


You Will Be Motivated

Did you ever wonder why you never got a promotion? Or why your boss won’t give you that big project? Maybe it’s because your lack of motivation is written all over your face. You may do the job, but do you walk the extra mile? If you don't love what you do, it's almost impossible to fake motivation, no matter how many times you tell your boss that you're having a blast. If you make a career switch, you will feel motivated and you’ll do everything to make it happen. Not only will it benefit the company you work for; it will also benefit yourself.

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Your Self-Esteem Improves

Career Advancement Coach Sherry Mirshahi-Totten says that those who do what they love feel better about themselves. Feeling energized and motivated improves your self-esteem, and your boss will reward you for it without a doubt. When it comes to that point, it's really OK to pat yourself on the shoulder. Are you pursuing a freelance career? Then you're most likely doing all the work yourself, but nothing feels better than seeing the first results coming in.


You Could Earn More Money

Not everyone who switches careers makes more money. If you were paid extremely well for a job you hated and you’re now freelancing as a stylist, it might take a while to get to that same level. But the business is yours and you're in the driver's seat. As an employee, getting a promotion is so much more in reach when you do what you love. Hell, you might even get approached by a competitor for a better deal. Switching careers gives you endless new opportunities.

Doing what you love is great, but it’s difficult too. In times like these, most of us are happy to even have a job to pay the bills, making a career switch rather scary. But let me tell you that you can plan for it and there are ways to get there. You might have to start at the bottom again, but who cares? You’ll gain more respect for doing what you love, and you’ll respect yourself more too. After all, you’ll be the woman who had the guts to make the step and make it happen for herself. So tell me, what would you love to do and what will you do to make it happen?

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I love this!!

I did it six years ago, and It's the best desition I have ever made. Don't hesitate!

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