7 Reasons to Get a Nest Egg as Early as Possible ...


The job market is becoming increasingly competitive, house prices are rising and we are living longer than ever before; please take note of these 7 reasons to get a nest egg as early as possible. YOLO, the popular modern mantra that "you only live once" is encouraging us to throw caution to the wind, follow our dreams and make sure we have no regrets when we are older. I completely agree you only get one crack at life so it is important to start making decisions now that will set you up for the remainder of your life – this absolutely positively includes making financial decisions, something that is increasingly being overlooked. These 7 reasons to get a nest egg will emphasize the need to look at you bank balances now to make sure whatever the future brings, you will be ready for it.

1. Independence

Savings will set you up for the future and enable you to have the confidence to make life-changing decisions without financial restraints. Having a nest egg is at the cornerstone of achieving independence. When things get hard, or your life makes an unexpected twist, having a pot of money to turn to will mean you wont have to rely on friends and family or perhaps worse the banks. I myself have always joked that I was looking for a rich man to look after me in later life; but rather than seeking out a guy who is astute with his money, be independent yourself and save your own money. Independence later in life is one of my favourite reasons to get a nest egg as early as possible.

Rising House Prices
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