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Considering going for an MBA? Here is guest contributor Miles Young's post on why that is an amazing idea!

If you're in the process of applying to go back to school for a Masters of Business Administration degree, you're probably used to family and friends asking you why earning an MBA is something you're looking to accomplish. As you think about continuing your education and going for your MBA, you likely have your own personal reasons for wanting to do so. Maybe you want to climb the corporate ladder, earn more money, or your employer is encouraging you to continue your education. While there are a million reasons to continue your education in business, here are eight reasons why you should -- and can -- finally earn your MBA.

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Increased Earning Potential

According to this article, two-year MBA degree-holders have a median income of $90,000. If you were looking for one really profitable reason to continue your education, increasing your earning potential is a pretty good one. Think of going back to school as one of the most important investments in your lifetime. Two years can make a big difference to the rest of your life.


Passion for Lifelong Learning

When you were a kid going through school, did you constantly ask questions, take the lead in group settings, and try new activities for the sake of knowledge? Maybe you're always seeking new ways to solve problems, or you're always looking to broaden your knowledge. If you're in a position where you believe you could improve where you are educationally, professionally, or personally, then maybe continuing your education and pursuing your MBA is just a natural next step for you.


Chance to Refocus Your Career Goals

Are you working in a career field or position that you feel stuck in? Another reason you may want to work toward earning your MBA is to possibly break away from the field you're in. Perhaps, it's an opportunity to get that promotion you've been eyeing for several years. An MBA is a great way for you to get a leg up in the competition, show your superiors how seriously you take moving up the ladder, and prove that you can commit to reaching goals that not only benefit you, but the company too.


Global Awareness

Global awareness has become increasingly important over the years as the economy has gone through the metaphorical wringer. Earning an MBA is an excellent opportunity for business professionals to increase their knowledge of what's going on around the world and beyond their office and classroom. The process of earning an MBA will give you a chance to meet people from all over the globe -- opening your mind and expanding your ideas for education, business, and your life in general.



One of the most common excuses for pursuing any professional degree or going back to school in general is a lack of time or flexibility. You can now conveniently work toward your MBA from the comfort of your own home, all through online degree programs. It's becoming more common to get an education online, allowing students the flexibility to continue working, take care of their family, travel, or pursue other passions. You really can have it all and do it all by taking classes online. In the end, it really just comes down to personal motivation.


Management and Leadership Skills

Working toward your MBA will give you the opportunity to hone in your management skills. You'll learn first hand what it takes to manage and lead people in the most beneficial way. While you're earning your degree, you'll learn how to get groups of people who all think very similarly and are very goal-oriented to work together. While in business school, you've probably observed that you're surrounded by type-a personalities who are strong leaders like you.


Expanding Your Business Network

When you decide to continue to pursue your MBA, you're on the path to expanding your network of other business professionals, classmates, and professors who go far beyond where you are currently, whether that's school or the company you work for. By expanding your network, you're opening doors to opportunities that may not have been available to you before. An MBA is your ticket to new connections.


New Career Opportunities

Business professionals who hold MBA degrees are statistically much more successful in business than, say, someone with a BS degree or a BBA. By earning your MBA, you're opening many doors for new job and career opportunities that you might not have had otherwise. In an uncertain job market and a wavering economy, an MBA could be the ticket to the job or the career of your dreams.

Do any of these reasons resonate with you? Regardless of your reasons for continuing your education, know that you can do it. Make yourself proud and reach your full potential by pursuing your MBA.

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