7 Reasons to Not Take Offense at Money Advice ...

There are good reasons to not take offense at money advice. When someone offers unsolicited advice, your first response might be to take offense and tell the person to mind his or her own business. But the advice you receive can be beneficial. If you set aside your personal feelings and listen, you might learn a thing or two. Here are seven reasons to not take offense at money advice.

1. The Person Has Good Intentions

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There are reasons to not take offense at money advice. And in most cases, the person has good intentions. They've observed a wrong path and feel compelled to help before you make an unwise decision. Chances are, the person isn't trying to get into your business, rather they're trying to help.

2. The Person is Financially Savvy

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If you've always admired the way this person handles his or her finances, listening to their advice can provide the direction you need. Maybe this person paid off a mountain of credit card debt, or maybe she has good savings habits. Personal finance doesn't come easy for some people, and if you have a friend or relative who's financially savvy, her good habits can rub off on you – if you let them.

3. Accepting Advice Can Improve Your Money

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You may look at your bills each month and scratch your head wondering how to improve your situation. If you're prideful, you prefer not to ask for assistance. But if you receive sound money advice, these tips can help improve your money. Rather than view money advice as intrusive, look at the positive and reflect on how this advice can help you move ahead financially.

4. You'll Increase Your Knowledge

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If you don't know much about personal finances, and you never took a course in economics, money management might be a foreign concept. You may have limited knowledge on debt, credit cards, budgeting and saving. But getting advice from a friend can build your knowledge, and with knowledge you'll have the wisdom to make better choices with your money.

5. It Can Provide a Solution for Debt

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If you're struggling with credit card debt, getting money advice can provide the solution you need. People who are financially savvy often know of tricks and techniques to pay off debt early. It might be a concept you've never considered. For example, the person might suggest negotiating a lower interest rate, or the person might offer advice on ways to trim your expenses, which can free up cash to pay off debt.

6. Helps You See Your Situation from Another Perspective

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When we're in the middle of a situation, it might seem as if things can't get any worse. But from an outsider's perspective, our situation isn't as bad as it seems. And if you get advice from a friend, they can provide the support and encouragement you need to understand that your situation is fixable.

7. Helps You Understand Why You're in Trouble

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If you don't know the mistakes you've made in the past, it will be harder to move forward and avoid these mistakes in the future. Getting money advice from a friend or relative, however, can provide the insight you need. This person can take a look at your situation, and pinpoint some of the mistakes you've made, and suggest ways to avoid these going forward.

So the next time someone offers money advice, don't take offense. If your finances need improving and you need guidance, money advice can point you in the right direction. What are other reasons to not take offense at money advice?

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