7 Reasons to save up for a Vacation ...


7 Reasons to save up for a Vacation ...
7 Reasons to save up for a Vacation ...

This summer, one thing you should do is save up for a vacation. The next thing to do would be GO on a vacation! So many people put off going on vacation year after year because they have so much on their plate. It’s time for you to stop doing that. Here are some core reasons why you should save up for a vacation and make it a priority this year!

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Time Away from Responsibilities

A good reason to save up for a vacation is because it gives you that much-needed escape from what we like to call reality. The everyday toil of bills, jobs, school, and obligations can pile up and really wear a person down. Studies show that getting away from your duties at least once a year and focusing on YOU will increase your lifespan and make you look and feel years younger!



Too many times we go on vacation and end up jamming so many activities into each day, that we head home as dead tired as when we arrived! A good reason to save up for a vacation is to just relax, nothing more. Lie around and bum on the beach, or take a nap in a hammock by a cabin in the woods. Life is good when you stop to enjoy the little things like lying around and doing nothing.


Trying out Something New

Maybe your day-to-day routine has become boring. Time to shake it up with a vacation! Spending your hard-earned savings on adventure and delight will be well worth it in the end, don’t you think? Try something you wouldn’t normally do, just to get out of your comfort zone. Don’t forget that food counts as trying something new, if you order a dish you have never had before!


Time Spent with Family

A good reason to save up for a vacation is a genuine desire to spend time with your loved ones! Whether it’s just you and your spouse, or the whole gang, family vacation memories are priceless. Try to carve out some time this year to whisk your family away for some fun in the sun. It will be well worth the effort!


Kindling a Romance

What better reason to save up for a vacation than squeezing in some romantic sunsets on the beach? Whether you are looking to re-light the fire between you and your significant other, or looking to meet someone special, kindling a romance is the perfect reason to head out on vacation! Try to book a special cruise or package to make the event extra sweet.


Checking Something off a Bucket List

Visiting the Eiffel Tower, snorkeling in Hawaii, walking the Great Wall of China-these are all types of things people tend to put on their bucket lists! If you have something on your bucket list, quit dreaming about it and make it happen. Save up for a vacation and check off one more item from your list!


Pampering Yourself

My final reason for saving up for a vacation is for that much needed pampering. Most of the time, your average working-class person doesn’t get to indulge in massages, fine dinners, or eating pie beside the pool. Quit watching yourself give up all those things for once, and save up for a vacation that allows you to have whatever you want!

Saving up for a vacation can be much easier than, say, saving up to pay off bills or saving up to buy something you need but don’t necessarily wish you had to buy. When you’re saving up for something you want, motivation comes much easier! What are your reasons for saving up for a vacation? Please comment below, and thanks for reading!

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This are very useful stuff!!

Visiting family plus a girly weekend in Vegas can't wait.

Come July I'm heading to Santo Domingo w/ my husband and 2 beautiful girls!!!!

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