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7 Reasons to Start Saving up Now ...

By Rotem

If you have a job and spend every paycheck as soon as you get it then you need to stop, because there are so many reasons to start saving now! Today, you’ll learn how to motivate yourself to save up your money and why it will be worth it. Continue reading for the reasons to start saving up!

1 Accomplishment

The best of reasons to start saving up is to achieve the sense and feeling of accomplishing something. There is no better feeling than watching that number in your bank account continuously grow with every paycheck and deposit! Keep goals of numbers to help motivate you to grow your number. Begin with 1000, then go higher and higher. You’ll be so happy and proud of yourself when you reach your first thousand, then second, and so forth.

2 Emergency

A great reason to save up now is for an emergency in which you may need the money! You want to be able to use the money you need without watching that number decrease drastically. Of course, it’s always a bummer to take any money out. But, you want to have the ability to withdraw the money you need for any emergency and still have a good amount to feel safe and then continue to build and add to.


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3 Independence

You should never depend on anyone else for money. After a certain age and the older you grow, the more independent you should feel and become. Once you have a job and save up, you will start to feel more and more independent. It’s one of the greatest feelings to be able to buy something you need or want without asking someone else for the money!

4 Prepare

A very important reason to start saving now is to prepare for the future ahead. Surprisingly, the younger you are, the better it is to start saving, as hard as it may be. Whether you want to move out of your parents’ home or need to start paying bills, eventually you’ll need to be able to do so. By starting to save up now, you’ll be even more prepared for this day to come. You’ll have money saved and won’t feel so stressed out!

5 Goal

Another reasons to save up may be for a specific goal. Maybe there is something you really need or want to buy. This may be a camera to start a career or hobby in photography. It may be a laptop for school. This could even be a trip for the summer that you’ve been dying to take. Whether this goal already exists or will come up later, you want to be ready for it and it’s always a good idea to start earlier!

6 Expenses

Even if you depend on someone for money, eventually you’ll have some type of expenses that you can’t always count on someone else to pay for. This can include groceries, toiletries, gas, insurance, and other things of the sort. The truth is it is a way more fulfilling to eventually be able to pay off your expenses on your own! Again, another reason you want to be prepared!

7 Gifts

You can’t forget the family and friends’ birthdays or Christmases and holidays! You’ll need money for good gifts since you now have a job and there are no excuses! You don’t want your bank to suffer because of this. Be prepared to be able to make a nice purchase and gesture for your friends and family!

I hope these reasons to start saving convince and help motivate you to change your spending habits! What are some reasons you think it’s best to start saving?

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