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While it seems kind of cool to own a bigger car, there are so many reasons why smaller cars are better. For those of you who don’t have any kids, and aren’t planning on having them anytime soon, a smaller car is a great option. Having lived in a country with more compact cars than bigger cars, I am astonished by the size of the cars people own in the U.S. Therefore, I’d like to share my opinion with you. These are 7 reasons why smaller cars are better.

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It’s Easier to Park

There is the everlasting joke that women can’t park their cars, but by owning a bigger car, we’re not exactly making it easier for ourselves. It’s a fact that it’s easier to park a smaller car. Not only because you need less room to maneuver, but also you’ll have a lot more options when it comes to places to park. That SUV might not fit in that tiny spot, but that compact sure will. Isn’t this a great reason why smaller cars are better than bigger cars?


They’re Cheaper

Bigger cars might be great to look at, and driving a bigger car can do miracles for the ego of some people, but if you don’t really need it, why would you spend the money on it? Buying a car can be quite a big purchase and even if you lease one, your monthly payment will be much higher when you opt for a bigger car. Both bigger and smaller cars will get you from A to B, so unless you need the space for a bunch of kids, there’s not much reason to buy a bigger car.


They’re Fashionable

Bigger cars may make some people feel like the almighty, but there are a lot of smaller cars that are very fashionable. What do you think of the Fiat 500, the Volkswagen Beetle or the Mini Cooper? These cars are all very small, but as a young, sophisticated woman, you’ll look great in this car. Small, fashionable cars are very popular in Europe, especially in cities where the streets are narrow. While they may seem like nothing, they still have enough power to potentially beat that bigger car next to you at the traffic lights. Yes, these fashionable, smaller cars will make some heads turn without a doubt.


Better Gas Mileage

In general, smaller cars have a better gas mileage, both in the city and while driving on the highway. This is a great way to save some money on fuel, especially with fuel prices increasing. If you’re someone who is not really fussed over saving a couple of dollars, think again, because these savings will add up over time. Having a better gas mileage can be extremely economical for those who have to commute every day, but also for those who like to go on road trips in their car.


They’re Great for City Gals

If you live outside the city, you’re probably blessed with broad streets. But driving a bigger car in a busy city can be quite a challenge. Most cities have narrow streets and with street parking on both sides, it’s sometimes difficult to make a simple turn. Driving a smaller car in a city allows you to take any narrow street, and even some alleys, to get to where you need to be in no time. No more detours, ever again.


Less Risk of Scratches

OK, this one also depends on how you drive and how those around you drive. Unfortunately, we don’t always have control over the scratches on our vehicles. But since a smaller car is easier to park and also easier to maneuver in narrow streets in cities, it can reduce the risk of accidents. This can be a huge money-saver. Also, bigger cars take up more space in parking lots, often leaving little space for the cars around them. A smaller car leaves plenty of space for others to park next to you, reducing the risk of others scratching your car.


They Are Just as Safe

When people talk about their big car, I often hear they like it because it feels so safe. The truth is, a good smaller car is just as safe. Sure, there are always scenarios where there’s a possibility that your smaller car gets totally squashed, but what are the odds of that happening? Nowadays, smaller cars have the same luxuries as bigger cars, with airbags, parking sensors and many more of these technologies that allow people to feel safe on the road. Those days when bigger was better are essentially over.

Of course, there are also advantages of driving a bigger car. Because yes, I too am annoyed when driving behind a truck or a SUV, as they block my view. But owning a smaller car is just a great way to save some money, especially when it’s just you or the two of you. In general, I see much more advantages of owning a smaller car compared to a bigger car, making it a no-brainer for me, but I’m curious about your opinion. Do you prefer a smaller or a bigger car, and why?

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How about people who are already moms and just want to save gas and get there kids in school on time !!!!

I had to drive a huge truck for over two years and it was a pain in the butt. I love my little car

I own a crossover Jeep Patriot. I get the benefits of a smaller SUV while reaping the benefits of a car.

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