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7 Reasons Why Your Blog Isn't Making Money ...

By Valencia

So, you started a blog with hopes of replacing your full-time income at work – but there are reasons why your blog isn't making money. Even with advertisers, I recently read that 95% to 99% of blogs don't make money. Therefore, don't feel bad if your blog isn't reaching its earning potential. If you want to increase your income, you'll have to revamp your approach. Here are seven reasons why your blog isn't making money.

1 Your Content is Too Boring

Boring content might be one of the reasons why your blog isn't making money. If your niche is extremely common, and there are thousands of other blogs on the same topic, you have to post content that is interesting and unique. If not, blog readers may feel they can find the same content elsewhere. They might visit your blog initially, but they won't return if you don't spark their interest.

2 You Don't Post Consistently

For your blog to make money, you have to post on a regular basis. It isn't enough to start a blog and submit one or two posts. It takes time to build a following. In the beginning, be prepared to post every day or every other day. Understandably, this takes time. If you don't have time, look for guest bloggers.


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3 You're a Terrible Writer

You might have a great idea and plenty to say, but if you have horrible writing skills, people won't stick around. Blog readers don't have time to read a sentence two or three times just to understand the meaning. Be realistic about your writing skills. Brush up on your grammar, and make sure you proofread for typos.

4 Your Content is Offensive

You may aim to "keep it real" when writing your blog posts. But you need to keep your readers in mind -- what do they like. You can have something interesting to say, but if every other line or paragraph contains several curse words and other offensive language, you might alienate your target audience. As a general rule of thumb, keep your blog PG. Besides, extreme cursing to express yourself is a lazy approach to writing -- yes, I said it. There are plenty of words in the English language to describe how you feel or get a point across. Learn how to use them.

5 You Don't Know How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

For your blog to make money, you need traffic. And unfortunately, if you don't know the first thing about building traffic, your income will suffer. You need to naturally incorporate keywords into your blog post. Also using social media helps increase traffic, as well as guest blogging on other sites. But most importantly, you need to write good content. If your content is unique and informative, you'll rank higher on the search engines.

6 You Have Too Many Trolls

Trolls are people who visit your blog and leave comments with the sole intent of irritating others. These might include affiliate links for products, profanity or offensive language, or remarks intended to create a war on your site. Moderate your comment section and delete inappropriate comments. If you have too many trolls, some blog readers may go elsewhere.

7 Your Blog Design Isn't Very Professional

If you want to be a professional blogger, you need a professional site. Consider getting a domain for your site and replacing your present template with a more professional, attractive design. If your blog looks cheesy, some people may question whether they can trust your advice.

You might dream of creating a blog to replace your full-time income; and although challenging, it's possible. But you'll need to understand what it takes to create a profitable blog. What other reasons prevent a blog from earning money?

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