Give up the Quest for the Most Expensive New Gadgets ...


These days, people seem to feel that their life isn't complete without a number of expensive gadgets. And not only do they buy all these different gadgets, but they buy the most expensive one in the range. Yet we don't need these pricey purchases to be happy. Here are some reasons why you don't need all these expensive gadgets …

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Don't Fit Your Needs

One reason you won't need expensive gadgets is if they don't fit your needs. For example, if you're buying a home computer, you may think you need to spend more to get a good model. But if you only use it for accessing the internet and writing essays for college, an expensive model will be wasted. Those are best suited to gamers and people who need high specifications for work, such as design.



It's no surprise to hear that we are suckered into believing that we need expensive gadgets. But even though we know we're being manipulated, we still go ahead and spend hundreds of dollars on things we can perfectly well do without. Do you really need to upgrade your phone every time a new model comes on the market?


Can't Afford It

Even though Spain's been hit hard by the economic crisis, everyone I see has got a smart phone in their hand. Obviously it's up to them what they do with their money, but you have to wonder - can they really afford these expensive items? If you haven't got a lot of cash, then you can perfectly well do without gadgets like smart phones, or get a fairly basic one. It's not essential.



I'm not against technology; there are times when it's immensely useful. A computer enables me to work remotely and deal with people all over the world. But a lot of what we buy really isn't necessary. Why have we come to believe that we need all these gadgets to survive?


Soon Become Obsolete

You've probably heard the old joke that a computer is obsolete as soon as you get it out of the box. With the fast-moving pace of technology, this is pretty much the case with any gadget. So why buy a top of the range model when it will soon be replaced by a bigger, better, faster model?


Keeping up with Others

Peer pressure may have a lot to do with making us spend on expensive gadgets. We feel left behind if we don't have the latest model or most desirable brand, or that we will be ridiculed for not being up to date. Never feel that you've got to keep up with other people and buy what they buy - you're an individual.


Don't Make You Happy

Gadgets may be fun, but they aren't going to make you happy - especially if you feel that you need to have the best model. You'll constantly be on the lookout for a better model, and it will cost you a fortune. Find something better to spend your money on.

It's really only worth buying the most expensive gadget if you really need (not just want) it, and you will get a lot of use out of it. Have you ever bought any gadgets that turned out to be useless, or something that was worth every penny?

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