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7 Reasons You Might Not Want a Promotion ...

By Valencia

A promotion can mean more money and a bigger office, but there’s a downside to moving up the career ladder. Understandably, you don't want to stay at a dead-end job. And it’s nice to be acknowledged and appreciated for your hard work. But just because you’re offered a promotion doesn't mean you have to take advantage of this opportunity. Here are seven reasons you might not want a promotion.

1 It Requires Going Back to School

Over the years I've known several people to get promoted at work. But unfortunately, the promotion required returning to school to get an advanced degree or complete additional courses. This isn’t a problem if you have time to continue your studies. But if you don't feel like going back to school or studying, it might be better to stay in your current position and enjoy your free time.

2 You Have to Work Longer Hours

A promotion can come with a fancy job title, but it might also require longer work hours. Instead of working eight hours a day, you might work 10 or 11 hours and bring work home. You might also work weekends, which makes it difficult to strike a healthy work-life balance.

3 It’s a Stressful, Demanding Position

If your current position is relatively stress-free and you're able to leave work problems at the office and enjoy your evening at home with family, think twice before accepting a position that’s stressful and demanding. If you're not careful, a job can take over your life. Burnout can happen when you're always stressed and thinking about work.

4 You Plan on Making a Career Switch

The fact that your employer offers a promotion means he thinks you’re competent and a good worker. But if you're plotting a career switch in the near future, you might consider turning down a promotion. With a promotion, you might earn a higher salary. And once you start making more money, it can be harder to walk away from the position.

5 You Don't Think You're a Right Fit

Your employer might be confident in your ability to handle a position. But if you honestly feel this position is a bad fit for you, turn down the promotion. At the end of the day, you know your limitations on what you’re willing to take on. A promotion might involve travel, public speaking or supervising a large number of people. While you're thankful for the opportunity, it might not appeal to you.

6 You Don't like the New Supervisor

If a promotion involves working under a new supervisor – someone you dislike – it might be best to turn it down. This is especially true if you believe you and the new supervisor will butt heads all the time, or if you think working under this person will be too stressful.

7 The Position Has a High Turnover Rate

If you're promoted to a position with a high turnover rate, there's a reason why. If possible, speak with other people who’ve held the position in the past. Or if you know someone who works in a similar position for a different company, get their opinion about the job.

Some people immediately jump at the opportunity to move up the career ladder. But it's important to ask questions and really consider whether a promotion is the right move for you and your family. What are other reasons to turn down a promotion?

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