7 Rules for Regifting That You Might Not Know ...


Did you know that there are rules for regifting presents? We’ve all had the pleasure of receiving a gift that didn't quite fit our personality. And after weeks or months of the gift sitting untouched, we make the not-so-hard decision to pass the gift on to someone else. Regifting might be common, but the gesture can backfire. Here are seven rules for regifting that you might not know.

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Don’t Regift Personalized Items

One of the most important rules for regifting, is you don't pass on items that have a personal touch. As much as you might hate the crochet sweater given to you, it’s better to suck up your dislike and only wear the garment when you invite the giver to your house. This person undoubtedly put a lot of thought and effort into the gift, and keeping it in your possession — regardless of how hideous it may be — is the right thing to do.


Don’t Regift to the Original Giver

If you know that you’re not going to keep a gift from the moment you open the box, make a mental note of the giver, or write the person’s name on the item’s box. This way, when you decide to pass the gift to someone else, you don’t accidentally regift to the original giver.


Don’t Use the Same Packaging

It might be easier to rewrap the gift in its original package. But in all likelihood, the original packaging or wrapping will have rips and crinkles that scream regift. If you want the recipient to think that the gift was personally chosen with him or her in mind, spend a few bucks and buy fresh wrapping paper.


Always Remove Any Evidence

The original giver might have included a note or check within the original package. Therefore, check packages and remove any evidence that indicates that you didn’t purchase the gift. The last thing you want is for the recipient to open the gift and see a note written by someone else.


Choose the Right Recipient

Regifting can become a cycle if you pass the gift to the wrong person. At the end of the day, someone should have the opportunity to enjoy the gift. For that matter, don’t regift for the sake of getting rid of the item. Seriously consider whether the individual in mind can actually use the gift.


Don’t Regift within the Same Circle

If you hang out with the same people every weekend, and someone from your group gives a gift that you don't particularly like, don't pass the gift to someone else within this circle. Understandably, you might be eager to get the item out of your possession, but regifting within the same circle of friends is playing with fire. It can cause hurt feelings and embarrassment.


It’s Okay to Disclose Regifting to a Recipient

Hiding any evidence is one way to keep regifting a secret. However, there are no hard and fast rules regarding this. For example, if someone gives you a scarf that's not your particular style, it's perfectly okay to be honest with the recipient. You can say, “this was given to me, however, I think it’s more of your style than mine.”

There is nothing wrong with the gift that keeps on giving. Just know that regifting can blow up in your face if you don't follow these simple guidelines.

What regifting rules do you follow?

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