7 Savings Tricks That You Haven't Tried, but Work ...

There are plenty of savings tricks to breathe life into your bank account. You probably know the obvious, such as paying yourself first and cutting back on expenses. However, there's more you can do. A hefty savings account can provide an emergency cushion. While it can take a while to build your savings account, there are several ways to reach your goal earlier. Here are seven savings tricks that you haven't tried, but work.

1. Choose the Right Credit Card

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Knowing the right savings tricks can take your account to the next level. When selecting a credit card, pay close attention to the interest rate on the card, as well as other perks. For example, a credit card with a rewards program or cashback is one way to earn cash or points for every dollar you spend. Redeem rewards for gift cards, airline tickets, merchandise and much more. This reduces how much you spend out-of-pocket.

2. Keep Your Old Car

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If your car is more than six or seven years old, you may feel that it’s time for an upgrade. However, you can maintain a certain amount of disposable income and reach savings goals sooner by driving an older car. This way, you avoid a car payment, plus the older your car the less you pay in insurance and personal property taxes.

3. Make Small Weekly Transfers to Your Savings Account

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If saving isn't factored into your budget, you'll never reach your goal. Each week, make transfers from your checking into your savings account. It doesn't have to be the recommended 10% of your income. Do what you can afford – whether it's $20 a week or $40 a week.

4. Don’t Request Catalogs or Sign up for Email Blasts

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Getting a catalog from a retail store or signing up for email alerts is one way to learn about sales. But if you have a difficult time saving money, this information delivered to your mailbox or inbox is temptation city. In this case, out of sight, out of mind works best. If you don't know about sales and promotions, you're less likely to spend.

5. Use the Envelope System

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It's a time-tested method for staying on budget, but one that few people use. To keep your household finances on track, use the envelope system. You can have an envelope for groceries, entertainment, gas and other miscellaneous expenses. Each week or month, deposit a specific amount in each envelope, and only spend the allotted amount in each area.

6. Barter

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There's always going to be things that you need. These include clothes, electronics, furniture and home repairs. But rather than dip into your pocket and pay cash for everything, join a barter network and reduce your out-of-pocket expense. This works if you can offer a service in return. For example, you may offer tutoring, babysitting or housekeeping in exchange for home repairs and other services you need.

7. Get a Piggy Bank

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Not only for children, a piggy bank is an excellent way to save money. Each day, check your pocket for loose change and deposit this change in your piggy bank or a large jar. Save your loose change for an entire year, and at the end of the year, redeem the change for cash. Change adds up quickly and you can easily accumulate a few hundred dollars in just one year.

Everyone knows the importance of saving money, but saving is much easier to say than do. But don't give up on your efforts. Explore these new methods and you may finally reach your goals. What savings tricks have worked for you?

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