7 Scams to Be Aware of That Could Cost You Money ...

There are some potentially harmful scams to be aware of that could cost you money before you even realize what happened! Especially in the online world, people can be sneaky and tricky. Here are my top scams to be aware of so you don’t spend unnecessary money or even risk having your bank account hacked into!

1. Online Ads

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Online ads are the number one scams to be aware of! Never click on an ad alongside the web page that you’re scrolling. Not only might it introduce a virus into your computer, but anything asking for your credit card info right away is a sure sign that you’re being scammed over! I speak from experience here!

2. Purchasing Packages Online

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There are a few credible websites that you can purchase things from and not worry about being scammed over. However, some of these credible websites have fine print that states you are also purchasing something else. Like a subscription to a dating website, or a recurring charge each month to receive ads related to things you enjoy in your email inbox each month. Watch out for these scams, and always read the fine print!

3. Telemarketers Who Ask for Bank Information

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Telemarketers… They’re only doing their jobs, but sometimes they can be very pushy! If you get recurring calls from telemarketers insisting that you need to buy this product or take advantage of a deal, don’t feel obligated. Ask to have your name placed on the no call list and hang up. And NEVER give your credit card info so that they can “hold” this deal for you while you think it over.

4. Kiosks in the Malls

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We’ve all been harassed by at least one salesperson from a kiosk in the mall. Sometime these sales people can be very adamant that you not leave without buying their product! And that’s ok, if you really want to. But never allow yourself to be bullied into buying a product you just don’t need or want. It may be a great product, but if you buy it unwillingly then you are being scammed over!

5. Infomercials Promising Free Trials

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I’ve heard it said that if you see something advertised enough, you will want to try it out. And it’s true! It happened to me! Anything that sounds “too good to be true” usually is and shouldn’t be trusted. Infomercials that promise “free trials” still take down your information and start charging you after the “free trial” period ends.

6. Any Non-trusted Party Who Wants Your Credit Card Numbers

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It’s always ok to be safe. And when it comes to your money, you should be diligent and not toss your credit card info around, especially on the Internet or even through snail mail. Just respectfully decline, and stand your ground! Don’t be pressured into giving out your personal info just to get a monkey off your back.

7. Junk Mail Scam Overs

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Ever get those pieces of mail that say “Congratulations, you have been pre-approved” or “This is the second attempt to reach you”? Yeah, those are usually scams. Use your own judgment, and be careful not to trash something legitimately important, but don’t be sucked into a money scam!

These are but a few of the scams you should be aware of that could cost you money. With today’s technology, anyone could access your bank account or personal records. That’s why it’s always so important to check your account records and stay on top of things! Have you ever been scammed over? Please share your experience below!

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