7 Secrets to Job Hunting Successfully ...


Looking for new employment can be stressful but there are some secrets to job hunting successfully. The main advice I can give is to remain positive. It is normal to feel apprehensive or demotivated when looking for a new job but remember everyone is in the same boat, and although the process may be slow and painful, it could lead to your dream job and then all the late night form filling will have been worth it. Be excited, this could be the start of something really great. If you are starting to look for a new job or are already up to over your head in application forms, here are my 7 secrets to job hunting successfully.

1. Fine Tune Your CV

It may seem obvious but so many people fail to give the love and attention to detail required for their CV. Your CV needs to be clear and concise, highlighting your work strengths and relevant experience. Your CV is the first thing employers see of your work – so show them your best side and make sure you don’t fall at the first hurdle. A well-presented and articulated CV is the first of my secrets to job hunting successfully.

A Strong Covering Letter
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