Setting Your First Ever Budget: How to do It in 7 Easy Steps ...


No matter how high or low your paycheck, a budget is the best way to manage your money. A budget isnโ€™t just something you need to make if you are in debt. Making a following a budget will keep you out of debt and in control of your spending and savings. If youโ€™ve never set yourself a budget before, hereโ€™s how:

1. Calculate Monthly Income

The first place to start when considering how to set a budget is to sit down and calculate the total of your monthly income. This is obviously the key starting tip as once you have a final figure down on paper you will be able to begin to plan a sensible budget. This may not be just your salary; as if you are business owner or have secondary income interests, then it will all start to add up.

Note down Your Fixed Expenses
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