15 Shows That Lasted Way Too Long ...

It’s the sad truth of television that there are sometimes shows that lasted too long. This isn’t a rule that says a show is on too long when it lasts 10 seasons; sometimes a show could be ready to be pulled off the air after only three seasons. It’s not about when the show is on too long, it’s about when a show loses the qualities that kept the show on in the first place. Here are seven shows that I would have cancelled, because in my opinion they’re shows that lasted too long for their own good.

1. Friends

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I love “Friends,” so yes, it is a little weird that it is on a list of shows that lasted too long. The thing is that “Friends” was on for 10 seasons! It’s really hard for a show to go on for that long without getting a little stale. As much as I love “Friends,” I will say that I know there are plenty of people who stopped watching it for a while because it lost some of its greatness. I’ve seen every episode of “Friends” and even I got bored a little bit, but eventually it picked up and got better, and luckily it ended on a high note. Nevertheless it could have been a season or two shorter.

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