Check out These Side Gigs for Girls Willing to Work Extra ...


Check out These Side Gigs for Girls Willing to Work Extra ...
Check out These Side Gigs for Girls Willing to Work Extra ...

I'm here to share some side gigs for girls who want some extra cash. Lashay Hudson, of the website, Dream Home Based Work has you covered when it comes to everything work at home. There are so many options to choose from. For this article, I would like to focus on some of her popular legit side gigs for girls to make extra cash in your spare time. Check out the website and look below at some of the fun options for work at home jobs that you can take.

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Perfect for a Girl Who Would like to Write about Various Topics

A job I like in this category would be Essay Town, Writing all of those research papers is experience paid off!


Simply Give Your Opinion on Products - How Fun!

An exclusive company would be National Consumer Panel (NCP), They have been around for years and are very tough to get into. Extremely worth the try!


You Could Try Participating in Surveys if You Are a Very Opinionated Person

You won't get rich quick, but if you have the patience, you could earn some nice extra cash. One of my favorites is YouGov, which is mostly about social issues. Your opinion really does get heard!


Freelance Writing is Always a Way to Go

Freelancing is great work dependent upon how high quality your written word is. The higher quality work you produce the more you get paid. A good freelancing gig that is often overlooked yet so popular in girls' lives that can honestly bring home the bacon, would be poetry! Browse the following link to find where are submissions are being accepted:


This One is Good for All of You Phone App Addicts!

Get paid to use an app! My opinion? Receipt Hog, Take photos of receipts...get rewarded! If you have an android or iPhone, you can download the app.

Most of these options seem more like fun than work! You really don't even need brainiac skills.

No matter your lifestyle, these are easy to fit in.

I hope this article has made your extra cash search easier and puts a little extra cash in your wallet!

Good luck!

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