Side Hustles for College Students ...

By Sonya

Side Hustles  for College Students  ...

When you are in college, the primary concern should of course be doing well in your studies and making sure that you get a good degree at the end of it, but we all know that college can be a drain on the bank account! You might not have the time or the circumstances to be able to get out there and work a job at the same time as studying, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be doing anything at all to help yourself. Here are some ideal side hustles for college students.

1 Medical Studies

College towns tend to also have heavy hospital representation to coincide with medical degrees, which can give students an opportunity to get involved in paid medical trials if they wish. Some offer you big bucks to really undergo something strenuous, but there are other trials that you can do for less cash that are much more run of the mill!

2 E-Commerce

Make accounts on places like eBay and set about selling any stuff you have that you don’t need anymore. Alternatively, if you are a creative or artistic person, you can always offer original creations of your own on platforms like Etsy.

3 Mystery Shopping

There are lots of sites online where you can apply to be a mystery shopper. You get to take time out of your study schedule to go shopping, with the added bonus that you are being paid for the privilege! It’s not the highest possible paying side hustle in the world, but mystery shopping could definitely be something that suits your free hours and lifestyle.

4 Freshers Fair

This is more about saving money than making money, but make sure that you go to as many freshers fairs as you can, because you can bag a lot of essential and handy free stuff if you look in the right places. Some people get enough stationery and other school accessories to last them the year!

5 Happy Hour

It’s not realistic to ask a student not to go out and party every now and then, but something that you can do to save some money is to find out the happy hours of different places around town. Those two for one deals really can add up to make a big difference in terms of finances!

6 Student Discount

Don’t forget to use your student discount in all of the places you can. You probably shop in places right now that offer student discount, you just have never checked! You can regularly save up to 30 percent or so by whipping out your ID and letting vendors know that you are a poor college student.

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