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There are a lot of signs that can tell you that it’s really the time to think about your career. You know that there’s nothing like the feeling of starting a new job that you love; you can’t wait to go to work the next day because you are so excited about what you are doing. But what happens when you lose that feeling? Do you feel miserable doing that job that made you feel so excited a while ago? You realize that you suddenly feel unsure about your current career path and you feel like it’s the perfect time to make a change in that area of your life. Doing a job that you don’t like can turn you into a completely different person from the professional you were at the beginning of your career. Here are 7 warning signs that you should reevaluate your career that you should consider:

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You Are Not Excited about Starting New Projects

One of the signs that it’s time to think about your career is the fact that you are no longer excited about starting new projects. If you start losing interest in your career and if you no longer want to learn new things or stay up to date with the developments in your field, you should reevaluate your professional life and see if you are really doing what you love. You should also know that the fact that you are no longer passionate about your job will show and it will negatively impact your career.


You Are Not Making a Competitive Salary

If you decide to stay in a dead-end job, this will not only affect your career but your budget too. Cameron Keng, a contributor for Forbes, published an article in which he showed that employees who stay at the same company make 50% less than those who leave. If you don’t make enough money to support yourself, staying at the same job will not offer professional or financial growth, it will only put you at a disadvantage and it will make you less competitive in your industry.


You Are Doing the Same Thing

Even though it can feel quite comfortable doing the same thing every day when you go to work, in the long term, this routine will not be beneficial for your career. The lack of different challenges and opportunities will make you stagnant and you will not grow in your professional life.


You Are Always Complaining

Do you always complain about what you do? You may not even realize that you have turned into this biter and grumpy person, but your friends, your family members and even your co-workers have surely notice this change in your attitude. It’s okay to vent every now and then about work but try not to make it a habit.


You Don’t Have the Opportunity to Use Your Skills

Does your current job offer you the opportunity to perform tasks that utilize and even enhance your best skills? A good job should bring out the best of your skills, so you’ll be able to grow in your career in order to discover new talents and abilities that you didn’t even knew you possess.

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Your Job is Affecting Your Self-Esteem

If your current job makes you doubt yourself or the work that you do, even though you are a good professional, then maybe it’s time to reevaluate your career. Staying in a job that makes you feel bad about yourself as a person is not worth it since it will have a huge impact on your long-term emotional well-being.


You Are Always Bored

It’s okay to lack energy and enthusiasm and to feel bored from time to time when you’re at work. But if you feel this way, every time you go to work, if you are no longer interested in what you do, then maybe it’s time to think about your career and see if you need to make some changes in order to be happy and satisfied in your professional life.

A fulfilling career should boost your self-confidence and it should increase your self-esteem. It will make you feel excited about what you are doing and it will allow you to grow professionally. Do you feel this way when you are at work? Do you know any other signs that someone should think about their career? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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This is so me right now at my job. I'm a team lead of several individuals at one of the largest dental office in Maryland. In the past 6 months, I've grown to hate my job. Like loathe it. I hate waking up knowing that I have to be around a bunch of people I can't stand and feel like it's a black hole. Waiting for someone to hire me for anywhere other than here. With a Masters degree I know I can do better. Loved this article!

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