13 Signs That You're Living beyond Your Means ...


Can you recognize signs that you're living beyond your means? Living within your means makes good financial sense. Nowadays, more and more people are interested in ways to improve their personal finances. For some, this means cutting out unnecessary expenses, whereas others look for ways to increase their income. If you need to take control of your money, consider thirteen signs that you're living beyond your means.

1. Zero Savings Account

One of the biggest signs that you're living beyond your means - lack of a financial cushion. Money in the bank can sustain you after a job loss, an illness or another emergency. Unfortunately, many who live beyond their means spend all their cash and don't think about saving their money. Break this habit and youโ€™ll free up cash for a financial cushion. This calls for drastic measures, such as eating out less, shopping less and vacationing less.

Housing Expense
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