7 Signs You're a Shopaholic ...


7 Signs You're a Shopaholic ...
7 Signs You're a Shopaholic ...

There are definitely some signs you are a shopaholic. Do you love shopping? Are you thinking about shopping right now? Are you shopping while you read this article? Do you own more than one store rewards card? Does the word "clearance" make you really happy? Have your friends described you as a "shopaholic"? Have you ditched work or school to go to a sale at your favorite store? Do the store mannequins call your name? Is your closet overflowing? Do you own more than 20 pairs of shoes? If you answered yes to any of these questions, check out these 7 signs you are a shopaholic.

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Shopping is Always on Your Mind

fashion, dress, boutique, socialite, girl, One of the biggest signs you are a shopaholic is if you think about it all the time. You find yourself daydreaming about shopping. You can't stop thinking about buying that new black lace dress at Hollister, the new purse at Coach, or those new Louis Vuitton heels. You think about shopping daily.


You Can't Just Window Shop

head, headgear, costume, product, girl, Some people window shop, but that isn't something you can do. Others would walk past the store but you feel that it is your life purpose to at least look around the store. You may look at the window and see the mannequin dressed in perfectly slimming blue skinny jeans with a red chiffon top and a designer green scarf.


Shopping Means a Lot to You

human hair color, girl, socialite, brown hair, You feel that shopping is more than a hobby or something to do for fun. You think shopping is a part of your life, a way to change the world, a way for you to help the economy. You feel better when you go to the mall or shop online and buy clothes, shoes, and purses.


You Buy Things You Don't Need

sitting, toddler, furniture, child, product, You buy a new skirt that's a size too small but it was the only one left or you buy the jeans that are two sizes too big because it was the only size left, you buy a pair of heels that are a size too big (you tell yourself that you will grow into them) because you don't want anyone else wearing them.


The Words "Sale", "Clearance", and "Free Shipping" Make Your Day

fashion, socialite, girl, You can't pass up a sale especially when it's 60% off. You talk yourself into going to the sale even when there are other obligations that are more of a priority, like work or school. You tell yourself that since the heels are buy one get a one free that you're really saving money. You feel inclined to buy something because a store is offering free shipping and you never know when you'll get this lucky again.


You Have a Certain Email for Stores

girl, You made an email that is specifically for shopping. Your shopping email is probably overflowing with emails from countless stores. When the website says, "enter your email and save 10% off your entire order," you feel obligated to spend your money on things you wouldn't normally need. You can't resist the urge to type your email in to save 10% off a purchase.


You Have Multiple Credit Cards

tradition, You don't hesitate when you tell the cashier to charge it. You own multiple store cards for your favorite stores. As a cardholder to some of those stores, you spend more money because those stores require that you spend a certain amount of money to attain a certain status. You take pride in being considered a high-status card holder.

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