7 Signs You Have a Good Boss ...


7 Signs You Have a Good Boss ...
7 Signs You Have a Good Boss ...

There are a lot of signs you have a good boss. We all had bosses and managers who made our work lives terrible, so we can easily recognize a bad manager. But on the other hand, there are people who are amazing leaders, who respect their employees and who want to do right by their people. It can be quite hard to be a good boss now days, especially since it’s rather difficult to juggle constant change, business objectives and your employee needs and goals. There are no perfect bosses either; the best ones just do some things a little differently. First of all, they know that people are required to follow managers at work, yet they choose to follow leaders, so they work hard to inspire people to make that choice. Here are a few signs you have a good boss that you should consider:

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They Provide Strong Leadership

One of the most obvious signs you have a good boss is the fact that they always provide strong leadership and a clear vision. They know where the company is headed, so they always provide valuable advice to their employees. They always communicate what they want and how their objectives can be achieved.


They Are Friendly and Approachable

I’m sure you all know how difficult it is to deal with mean and bad tempered bosses, so if your boss is really friendly and approachable, you should appreciate them even more. When you encounter a problem at work, you can easily talk to them, since you know that they will give you some great advice and they will help you solve what is bothering you.


They Can Communicate Effectively

The ideal boss should have good communication skills, they should be an attentive listener and they should master the art of assertiveness. They should tell you exactly what you have to do and by when. Usually, problems appear when the boss can’t communicate efficiently what they want and their employee can’t rise to their expectations.


They Hold Themselves and Others Accountable

Bad bosses tend to place the blame for a failure only on their employees. They usually hold their staff accountable and they don’t take any responsibility for their actions. Good bosses, on the other hand, hold themselves accountable as well and they adhere to the same guidelines they set for their employees. They take responsibility not only for their successes, but for their failures too.


They Are Good Problem Solvers

Some of the best bosses out there are also good problem solvers. They brainstorm successful and innovative ways to fix those little problems. They are continuous learners and they always looking for ways to improve their skills and knowledge. They also get pleasure from helping their team do their best work, since their measure their own success by that of the team.


They Don’t Treat Everyone the Same

Good bosses know each member of their staff and they manage them as individuals. They are not afraid to hire people smarter than them and they don’t feel intimidated by their knowledge. Their staff members do show initiative and they are not afraid of expressing new ideas since they know that they will receive a constructive, sincere and specific feedback.


They Are Effective Decision Makers

Good bosses are able to make decisions quickly and they take responsibility for their outcome. They also understand that there must be a balance between their employees’ needs and their clients or their company’s needs, so they put people first because they know that a productive employee is a happy employee.

A good boss is honest, they show appreciation, they are dedicated and balanced and they are really passionate about their work. They also know that even though their title gives them power, their intelligence and integrity gives them influence which is invaluable in business. Do you know any other signs of a good boss? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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