7 Signs You'll End up with a Big Bank Account when Grown-up ...

Believe it or not, but the choices you make today might determine whether you'll have a big bank account when you grow up. Some people aren't savers, and they make poor decisions with their money. This can hinder their savings efforts. But if you adopt good habits, you can build a nice cash cushion at a young age. Here are seven signs you'll end up with a big bank account when grown-up

1. You save Gift Money

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Whether it's money from birthdays, holidays or special events like graduation, if you put the majority of your gift money into a savings account, chances are you'll have a bigger bank account when you grow up. Talk to your parents and discuss savings options that offer a higher yield. Using a piggy bank or a regular savings account is a good start, but to maximize earnings, you need to earn a higher rate. Good options include a money market account, an online savings account or a certificate of deposit.

2. You Have a Job – Even if You Don't Have Bills

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Some young adults don't work unless they have financial obligations, such as a cell phone or a car. But even if you don't have bills and you don't have to work, having a job is a sign that you'll have a bigger bank account when you grow up. Youth is the perfect time to save because you have fewer responsibilities.

3. You Have a Side Hustle

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If you recognize the importance of having a side hustle or a second income stream, chances are you'll have a bigger bank account when you're older. Your job can provide income to cover living expenses, whereas a side hustle can provide extra income to pay off debt or grow your emergency fund.

4. You Count the Costs

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There is a consequence of every single purchase, and if you get into a habit of counting the cost, you're able to discern items you don't need and you're less likely to spend money unnecessarily. Before buying anything, ask yourself: do I need it? Will this purchase complicate my finances? Rather than make an impulse purchase, sleep on it for a day or two to decide whether you really want an item.

5. You Never Pay Full Price

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There's really no point in paying full price for any item. Give it a few months and most clothes, shoes, toys and electronics eventually go on sale. And if you're a savvy shopper and look for discounts and coupons, you can get more for your money while saving.

6. Your Parents Are Savers

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If your parents are frugal and savers, there's a good chance you'll follow in their footsteps and be cautious with your money. Younger adults and children typically repeat the financial patterns of their folks.

7. You Have Your Own Financial Mind

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No matter what your friends are doing with their money, if you have your own financial mind and you don't let others influence your decisions with money, you'll probably have a bigger bank account. This includes not shopping or taking vacations you can't afford, and limiting how much you spend with a credit card.

Financial experts recommend everyone have at least a 3 to 6 month cash cushion or a rainy day fund. Saving your money can be challenging, but it's possible. What are other signs you'll end up with a bigger bank account when you grow up?

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