Signs You're a Victim of Financial Abuse ...


Of the types of abuse, it is financial that probably gets the least attention. It isn’t just an issue that affects the elderly or vulnerable. It affects what might seemingly look like a healthy relationship. Remember that abuse is a form of control, and money can be used as an instrument of control. These are the signs of financial abuse to be aware of

1. Do You Have to Ask for Things?

There is a difference between asking for something, and having to ask for something. A couple should talk about purchases, especially big ones. Couples should talk about budgets and how best to manage investments. If you are in joint control of the money, then you should ask your partner if a purchase is okay because it is his money too. On the other hand, if you ask to buy something because you need permission, then you may be a victim of financial abuse. When he makes a purchase, does he ask you?

Are You Choosing to Be a Victim?
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