7 Signs You're in a Dead End Job ...

So you have a job you've been working at for over a year, but don’t see a promotion anywhere in sight and are starting to look for signs you're in a dead end job. While it's true that you're lucky to have a job when many people don't, you still shouldn't feel like you're wasting your time at a company you will never move up in. So look over this list of 7 signs you're in a dead end job and see if it's time to start sending out some applications to new companies.

1. No Change

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If you have been doing the same work for more than one or two years without a promotion, an increase in pay, or increased responsibility, this may be one of the signs you're in a dead end job. If this is the case, talk with your boss and ask for a raise or for more responsibilities. If your boss says he will work on it, and every time you check in with him, he says he is still working on it, it may be time to move on from your current job.

2. Your Goals Aren't Important

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It's not a good sign if you are not being asked about your professional goals or future plans. It's also not a good sign if you are asked about your career goals and plans, but the boss pays no attention to them. Usually companies have yearly evaluations where they say what you've done well this past year and how you can improve. During this time, they usually ask what your future goals are. If they don't, bring it up! If your boss doesn't seem to be interested in what you have to say then it may be time to move on.

3. Unfair Treatment

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You notice your colleagues are getting more opportunities than you. Perhaps you overheard someone in your department just got a raise even though you've been asking for a while for your own, or maybe someone else just got promoted to a position you've been showing interest in. If you feel like you are constantly overlooked when it comes to job opportunities, then it may be time to try your luck with another company.

4. Company is Failing

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If you suspect your company or industry may not be doing so well, then do a little research. If you find that profits are down, or the industry isn't growing, it's a big sign that you won't have much time left for advancement or a raise. Also, if your company is conducting numerous layoffs, and you find yourself with a lack of projects due to no fault of your own, you might be in a dead-end job. If this is the case, try to find another position as soon as possible before your company tanks and takes you with it.

5. There's No Higher up Job You Want

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You don't have to want your boss's job, but is there any higher up position that you really want? If not, then you're most likely in a dead end job. Unless you're at the tippy top of a company, there should always be a higher position that you strive to get to. If you don't even care about advancing in your current company, then it's time to start looking around for companies that have a dream position you would rather strive for.

6. You're Unmotivated

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You should love what you do because life is too short to work a job that you hate! If you hate your job, have trouble getting out of bed on work days, or spend the majority of your work day on Facebook, you definitely need to think about a career change. You being unmotivated at your job is going to keep you from advancing. So either think about looking for an entirely different position, or ask your boss if you can add some more responsibilities to your current position that have to do with something you're interested in.

7. Too Many outside Hires

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Have you started to notice that most higher level positions are being filled by outside hires? This is a bad sign that your company doesn't usually promote people who are already within the company. You can look into this by asking some of your coworkers how long they've been in their current positions. If you're too shy, try finding their profiles on LinkedIn instead to check. If too many of your coworkers have had the same position for over 3 to 5 years, it may be a sign you're in a dead end job!

Life is too short to waste time at a job that doesn't fulfill your career goals. Whether you like your job or not, there should always be room for advancement and growth. If you feel like there isn't any, then start looking for a new job ASAP! Have you ever been (or currently are) in a dead end job? How did you finally realize it was time to move on?

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