5 Warning Signs 🚨 You're in the Wrong πŸ‘Ž Career πŸ˜– ...


There are some signs you're in the wrong career. What do you want to be when you grow up? This is the age-old question that many expect you to answer by the time you are 18. However, your first choice of career may not always be the right choice and that is okay. Society expects to fit us inside of one box in our twenties but we reserve the right to make our career and our life our own no matter our age and no matter our former choices. Here are some signs you're in the wrong career.

1. Dreading Going to Work

One of the top signs you're in the wrong career is dreading going to work. Mornings suck and coffee is essential for many of us to get ourselves motivated for the day. The dread that comes from the beginning of the day should not continue throughout the day and every day after that. If you dread the work itself and can’t imagine yourself growing in this industry and in the responsibilities, then the dread is for the future and the present and you should not have to live like that.

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