Silly Mistakes Consumers Make ...

By Deeceebee

Silly Mistakes Consumers Make ...

Smart and enlightened customers are more abundant than ever before. With the Internet and consumer watchdogs revealing the inner workings of the retail business, it’s easy to get all the information on a certain product or service. Yet it doesn’t stop consumers from making silly mistakes which either costs them money or leaves them with a bad taste in their mouths. Here are silly mistakes cosumers make that you should avoid.

Table of contents:

  1. savings or death
  2. points buying
  3. sale does not equal bargain
  4. terms and conditions
  5. unhappiness

1 Savings or Death

There are people all over the country spending hours glued to their computer screens desperately trying to save two dollars on a jumbo-sized tub of washing powder. Yet for the hours they waste on this, they could have earned more than they would have saved by working for an extra hour. If someone spends two hours searching for the saving yet they earn more in one hour of working, surely this isn’t good time management?

Your time is valuable, don’t waste it for the sake of such a small saving.

2 Points Buying

Consumer loyalty programs offer great rewards for people who use them. Yet they’ve transformed into something which encourages us to buy something purely to get the points. People will even pay more by putting their items on their credit cards just so they can collect the points.

In most cases, you’ll just end up paying more in the long-term. Stick to your usual buying habits to take full advantage of these programs.

3 Sale Does Not Equal Bargain

Just because a shop is having a blowout sale doesn’t mean you should attend. It’s a regular tactic marketers use to get people through the doors. It happens at the start of each year. To clear their Christmas stock, shops cut the prices on practically everything. And they make a profit because the seas of consumers pushing through the doors are buying things they don’t really need.

A bargain is a discount you get on something you were intending to buy regardless.

4 Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions apply, particularly with travel products. Not reading the contract can waive your right to cancel your booking in advance. A lot of the discounted holiday packages on the market essentially lock you into going. If you suddenly change your mind, you’re trapped.

5 Unhappiness

Nobody likes the troublemaker who is busy shouting at the store clerk. This “troublemaker” might just have a genuine complaint, though. In the 21st century, we’re taught to keep our heads down, stop complaining, and just get on with things. This sort of thinking only leads to you losing out.

When you have something to complain about (and it’s genuine) you should take it straight to management. It benefits you and the rest of your fellow consumers. Raise an issue now and it could change the product or service for the benefit of other customers. And, in many situations, you might raise an issue which everyone else in the room is too cowardly to talk about.

Another benefit of complaining is after they’ve solved your problem, shops tend to offer some sort of future discount or freebie in order to solidify your loyalty.

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