7 Simple Tips to Help College Students Pick the Right Credit Card ...


If you’re ready to get an education and learn financial management, now’s the time to pick the right credit card and start your credit history. Most college students are focused on the books and making the grade, and personal finance is the furthest thing from their mind. There are sound reasons to get a credit card while in college, but this doesn’t imply applying for any type of credit card. Here are seven simple tips to help college students pick the right credit card.

1. Know the Difference between a Credit Card and a Prepaid Credit Card

Understanding your personal needs will help you pick the right credit card. For example, are you looking to build your credit history, or do you simply want a cash card? A prepaid credit card will not build your credit history and it’s nothing more than a debit card. Of course there are benefits to prepaid credit cards. You don’t have to submit an application or get approved. And since you can only spend what you deposit on the card, you avoid high credit card balances.

Go to Your Bank and Explore Options
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