7 Simple Tricks to save Money and Have Great Skin ...


As a woman who has to keep a pretty tight budget, I have come up with some tricks to save money and still have great skin. Advertisers would like you to think that you need expensive products for beautiful skin. The truth is, you can have great skin without breaking the bank. I don’t spend much money on skincare, but at 27 years old people still think I am a teenager! My skincare routine is easy and is full of tricks to save money.

1. Keep Pillowcases Clean

When I was a 13 I started having bad acne, and my doctor suggested that I change my pillow cases every other night. At first, I thought this was excessive and I really didn’t think it would work. However, when I finally started following her advice I was very happy with the results. My acne quickly started clearing up, and I didn’t have to buy anything to dry the zits out. If you are prone to acne like I am, please try this. Clean pillowcases are essential for blemish free skin, and having a clean pillow case is one of the best tricks to save money and have great skin.

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